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      • Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF) is a bacterial disease spread through the bite on an infected tick. Most people who get sick with RMSF will have a fever, headache, and rash. RMSF can be deadly if not treated early with the right antibiotic.
    • What is mountain fever ?

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      Allen, "mountain fever" is usually short for the virus disease known as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Humans get infected by the bite of a certain American dog tick and some other ticks. Surprisingly, despite its name, most cases in the US...

    • what body systems are affected by rocky mountain spotted fever ?

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      Rocky Mountain spotted fever is the most lethal[1] and most frequently reported rickettsial illness in the United States. It has been diagnosed throughout the Americas. Some synonyms for Rocky Mountain spotted fever in other countries...

    • What are the symptoms of Rocky mountain spotted yellow fever ?

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      Initial symptoms may include: fever nausea vomiting severe headache muscle pain lack of appetite Later signs and symptoms include: petechial rash abdominal pain joint pain diarrhea Also, The signs and symptoms of RMSF may follow within 1 to...

  1. Rock·y Moun·tain spot·ted fe·ver

    /ˈräkē ˈmount(ə)n spädəd ˈfēvər/


    • 1. a rickettsial disease transmitted by ticks.
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