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  1. Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s is the anchor hospital in the system and a destination facility for advanced pediatric and neonatal ...

  2. Tests confirm toddler died from Rocky Mountain spotted fever

    It’s not unusual for children to have ambiguous symptoms when infected with Rocky Mountain spotted fever, said Dr. Paige Armstrong, a medical epidemiologist with the Rickettsial Zoonoses Branch ...

  3. ISDH: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF) is an infection caused by the bacterium Rickettsia rickettsii, which is transmitted in Indiana by the bite of an infected American dog tick (Dermacentor variabilis). RMSF is one of several diseases caused by a group of bacteria in the spotted fever family.

  4. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever | Nicklaus Children's Hospital

    Rocky Mountain spotted fever is an illness that that can be transmitted from a tick bit. Though the illness was first discovered in the Rockies, it can actually occur in a number of different locations.

  5. Rocky Mountain spotted fever - Diagnosis and treatment - Mayo ...

    Oct 20, 2017 · Rocky Mountain spotted fever can be difficult to diagnose because the early signs and symptoms are similar to those caused by many other diseases. Laboratory tests can check a blood sample, rash specimen or the tick itself for evidence of the organism that causes the infection.

  6. Buckingham SC, Marshall GS, Schutze GE, et al. Clinical and laboratory features, hospital course, and outcome of Rocky Mountain spotted fever in children. J Pediatr. 2007 Feb. 150(2):180-4, 184.e1.

  7. Neurologic complications of Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Massey EW, Thames T, Coffey CE, Gallis HA. Rocky Mountain spotted fever, a serious systemic infectious illness, is common in the southeastern United States. Approximately one fourth of the cases in the United States occur in North Carolina.

  8. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever | Boston Children's Hospital

    Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF) is an infection caused by a type of bacteria carried by ticks. Despite its name, cases of RMSF have been reported throughout the entire United States, not just in one area. Most cases occur in children. Peak time to catch it is between April to September.

  9. What is Rocky Mountain spotted fever? Signs, symptoms and ...

    Jul 11, 2018 · A bacterial disease, RMSF is spread through the bite of an infected tick. “Rocky Mountain spotted fever is one of several diseases caused by the spotted fever group rickettsia, which are a type ...

  10. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever - Rady Children's Hospital

    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Jared spends most weekends hiking in the foothills of the wooded mountains near his home. Just days after one of these hikes, he suddenly woke up with a high fever, aching muscles, chills, and a bad headache.