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    News desk
    /ˈno͞oz ˌdesk/


    • 1. the department of a broadcasting organization or newspaper responsible for collecting and reporting the news: "she got through to the news desk"

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      • The place where journalists, producers, editors and other stuff work together to gather or collect news that is published in newspapers, online articles, magazines, or is broadcasted on radio, television is a News Room. 1. Output Desk (News Desk) 2. Input Desk (Assignment Desk) 1. It is also known as News Desk 2.
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  3. Jan 26, 2023 · news desk noun : the office where news is gathered to be reported in a newspaper, on television, etc. Articles Related to news desk 'Picayune', 'Tribune', and 7 More Names... Video How News Coverage Impacts Dictionary Lookups Michael Jackson's death sent many people to the dictionary. What did they look up? Dictionary Entries Near news desk

  4. the department of a newspaper, television, etc., that writes, edits, or releases news, especially late-breaking news or important bulletins. Origin of newsdesk First recorded in 1945–50; news + desk Words nearby newsdesk newsbreak, news case, newscast, news conference, newsdealer, newsdesk, news flash, newsgathering, newsgirl, newsgroup, newshawk

  5. news desk in British English (njuːz dɛsk ) noun journalism the department of a newspaper or a broadcasting organization that is responsible for collecting news and preparing it for publication or broadcast Let our news desk know as quickly as possible. American reporters rushed to wire their news desks. Collins English Dictionary.

  6. The news desk is an interesting term, because it can refer to several things within a news organization. However, no matter what specific duties a news desk performs, they are usually...

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