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  1. A photograph is an image, or picture, that has been captured on film or some other material. People who take pictures are called photographers. Uses of Photography Photography is a useful form of communication. Photographs give information about people, places, objects, and events that words may not be able to describe.

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      People and other animals can see because there is light....

    • Communication

      People learn and share information through communication....

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      Before the 1700s the word art was often used to describe any...

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      A camera is an instrument used to take, or record, pictures...

  2. The word photography comes from two ancient Greek words: photo, for “light,” and graph, for “drawing.” “Drawing with light” is a way of describing photography. When a photograph is made, light or some other form of radiant energy, such as X rays, is used to record a picture of an object or scene on a light-sensitive surface.

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  4. photography noun pho· tog· ra· phy fə-ˈtä-grə-fē : the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface (such as film or an optical sensor) Example Sentences He studied both film and still photography. Landscape photography is her hobby.

  5. Early Photography The word photography is based on two Greek words: fos, meaning 'light,' and grafo, meaning 'to write.' So, photography means 'writing with light.' Joseph Niepce and Louis...

  6. Jan 10, 2023 · history of photography, method of recording the image of an object through the action of light, or related radiation, on a light-sensitive material. The word, derived from the Greek photos (“light”) and graphein (“to draw”), was first used in the 1830s. This article treats the historical and aesthetic aspects of still photography.

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