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  1. 2,360+ Photography Guides & Gear Reviews Photography for Kids: Fun Activities, Latest Lesson Plans & Tips It's never too early to pick up a camera. Learn how to get your kids or students motivated and excited to start photography with these top tips and lessons. Learn | By Jeff Collier

  2. Look for lines that will guide the viewers eye through the frame and lead them to the subject. You will find lines on sidewalks, on buildings, even using an arm can be a leading line. Go on a walk with them and find 3 examples of lines. Have them photograph those as leading lines.

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    • The Basics of Framing Using a DIY Viewfinder. Understanding what a camera takes photos of is often overlooked. This is why we have included it first in our list of photography lessons for kids.
    • The Meanings of Basic Photography Terms Such as Depth, Focus, and Aperture. This lesson doesn’t have to be in-depth or overly complicated. However, a simple list of photography terms, like those of the exposure triangle, can really help your child understand more about the subject.
    • How to Handle a Camera. As far as photography lessons for kids go, holding the camera is a great place to start. A DSLR camera is tricky to hold.
    • The Importance of a Point of Interest. We truly are starting with the basics in this list of photography lessons for kids. What should every photo have?
  4. Nov 12, 2023 · Use simple language and lots of practice. Shutter speed: A visual aid may help teach kids shutter speed. Show a movie of a camera shutter at work. Explain how the shutter is a door that opens to take the picture and anything that moves while that door is open will blur. Find a moving object, like the family dog or a fan.

  5. Introduction Using a camera to take photographs is called photography. A photograph is an image, or picture, that has been captured on film or some other material. People who take pictures are called photographers. Uses of Photography Photography is a useful form of communication.

  6. May 13, 2012 · randomcreative, photography skills have always intrigued me. Kids projects are becoming more advanced and technology is providing many wonderful options for them to present with photos. All of your suggestions are very helpful and explained nicely. I remember being really excited when I got my first camera as a young girl. voted up and shared

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