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    What does repetition in a poem usually mean?

    Why does the poet use repetition in the poem?

    Why do poems use repetition?

    What is a repeating word or phrase in a poem?

  2. Repetition gives extra strength or emphasis to the idea being repeated. For example, you might start all of many of the lines of a poem with the same words, such as “I’ll never” or “I can’t wait for.”. Or you might repeat a single line more than once to emphasize the point, as in the ending of Robert Frost’s poem “ Stopping by ...

  3. For example, a poem might start each line with the same words, or it might repeat a stanza several times, making a chorus or “refrain.” When you repeat something in a poem, this is called “repetition.” Repetition helps draw the reader’s attention to a thought, idea, or feeling. It can make the main idea of the poem more memorable.

  4. Repetition is an important poetic technique that sees writers reuse words, phrases, images, or structures multiple times within a poem. E.g. An example of repetition is: "The old man walked down the street, down the street, down the street". Related terms: Anaphora, epistrophe, alliteration, consonance, assonance, motif

  5. Examples of Poems with Repetition Best Kinds © Alex The best kinds of people are warm and kind, They are always there and they never mind. The best kinds of people smile and embrace, They support you with strength and grace. Source: Best Kinds, Poem on Friendship But You Didn't © Merrill Glass Remember the time you lent me your car and I dented it?

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