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  1. Jul 12, 2022 · In creating what became the Roman Empire, an oligarchy took control of the land and, in due course, the political system. It abolished royal or civic authority, shifted the fiscal burden onto the lower classes, and ran the population and industry into debt. This was done on a purely opportunistic basis.

  2. Aug 12, 2022 · Roman Empire, the ancient empire, centred on the city of Rome, that was established in 27 bce following the demise of the Roman Republic and continuing to the final eclipse of the empire of the West in the 5th century ce. A brief treatment of the Roman Empire follows. For full treatment, see ancient Rome. A period of unrest and civil wars in the 1st century bce marked the transition of Rome ...

  3. Feb 10, 2020 · The Roman Empire lasted over a thousand years and represented a sophisticated and adaptive civilization. Some historians maintain that it was the split into an eastern and western empire governed by separate emperors caused Rome to fall.

  4. The Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire is a civilization shaped by a powerful infantry army, made stronger by the support of their religious unit — the Prelate. The Holy Roman Empire in Age of Empires IV spans the years 936-1517 CE. The empire, centered in a region that comprises modern Germany, claimed to be the rightful successor to ...

  5. Gallo-Roman culture was a consequence of the Romanization of Gauls under the rule of the Roman Empire. It was characterized by the Gaulish adoption or adaptation of Roman culture, language, morals and way of life in a uniquely Gaulish context. [1]

  6. The Nuragic civilization, also known as the Nuragic culture, was a civilization or culture on Sardinia (), the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, which lasted from the 18th century BC (or from the 23rd century BC ) up to the Roman colonization in 238 BC.

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    The Indus Valley civilization vanished over a thousand years before this date. Since then, Aryan tribes have been spreading out across northern India. The Indus Valley civilization This civilization flourished between about 2700 to 1800 BCE (see the Premium Unit Early Civilizations). After that time, it vanished.

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