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  1. The American dream is different for everyone, including the characters in Lorraine Hansberry's ''A Raisin in the Sun.'' Explore what the American dream means for members of the Younger family when ...

  2. Throughout a Raisin in the Sun She frequently is judged by her choices and decisions in her life, but her dream dying out has affected her views on life tremendously. Hugh reveals that a dream that was deferred can dry up like a raisin, and Ruth’s dream can be a representation of something drying up.

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  4. Throughout the play, Ruth works as a maid and a mother, but no matter how hard she works the poor pay descends the family into poverty. They were stuck in such an uncomfortable home that was just supposed to be a place for them to stay. During this time the Youngers were starting to pursue their dreams.

  5. Ruth’s pregnancy is immediately coupled with economic concerns. Ruth bears the responsibility not only for literally carrying the child, but also for shouldering a significant part of the accompanying financial burden. Ruth and Beneatha, part of a younger generation of women, differ from Mama in their reactions to the news. Active Themes

  6. In Raisin in the Sun Mama and Walter’s American dreams conflict and impact the family through materialism and desire to be the ideal American family in society. Mama and Walter both desire to provide for their family. … He becomes corrupted by society -to find his identity through money. Does George respect Walter’s dream?

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