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      • uk / ˈsəʊl ˌmjuː.zɪk / us / ˈsoʊl ˌmjuː.zɪk / (also soul) A2 popular music that expresses deep feelings, originally performed by Black Americans: Soul music is often an affirmation of, and a manifesto for, black dignity.
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  2. Soul music is an African American-inspired genre. Chances are that you’ve probably heard a soul song, maybe without even knowing. The genre extends to a plethora of other genres, such as jazz, rock, and roll, blues, gospel, and pop. These combinations as well as the heartfelt lyrics are what made soul music so distinctive from other genres.

  3. soul music noun [ U ] us / ˈsoʊl ˌmju·zɪk / a type of popular music with a strong beat and rhythm that developed from gospel music (Definition of soul music from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) Examples of soul music soul music

  4. soul music in American English noun a fervent type of popular music developed in the late 1950s by African-Americans as a secularized form of gospel music, with rhythm-and-blues influences, and distinctive for its earthy expressiveness, variously plaintive or raucous vocals, and often passionate romanticism or sensuality Also called: soul

  5. Dec 10, 2021 · In each definition, soul is a departure from the religious lyrical themes of gospel music while maintaining some of its style elements. Where a gospel song describes faith and joy, a soul song often paints a picture of desire, hardship, or romance. The genre’s music also puts a stronger emphasis on dancing and body movement.

  6. Meaning of soul musicin English soul music noun[ U] us Your browser doesn't support HTML5 audio /ˈsoʊl ˌmjuː.zɪk/uk Your browser doesn't support HTML5 audio /ˈsəʊl ˌmjuː.zɪk/ (alsosoul) A2 popularmusicthat expressesdeepfeelings, originallyperformedby BlackAmericans: Soul musicis often an affirmationof, and a manifestofor, blackdignity.

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