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  1. Mar 18, 2021 · Public laws citations include the abbreviation, Pub.L., the Congress number (e.g. 107), and the number of the law. For example: Pub.L. 107-006. Private Laws affect an individual, family, or small group, and are enacted to assist citizens that have been injured by government programs or who are appealing an executive agency ruling such as ...

  2. Public Law. A general classification of law concerned with the political and sovereign capacity of a state. Public law is that area of constitutional, administrative, criminal, and International Law that focuses on the organization of the government, the relations between the state and its citizens, the responsibilities of government officials, and the relations between sister states.

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  4. Aug 09, 2021 · Public law definition is - a legislative enactment affecting the public at large.

  5. Public law definition, a law or statute of a general character that applies to the people of a whole state or nation. See more.

  6. public: As a noun, the whole body politic, or the aggregate of the citizens of a state, nation, or municipality. The community at large, without reference to the geographical limits of any corporation like a city, town, or county; the people. As an adjective, open to all; notorious. Open to common use. Belonging to the people at large; ...

  7. Definition of Public Law in the dictionary. Meaning of Public Law. What does Public Law mean? Information and translations of Public Law in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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