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  1. The Age of Revolution is a period from the late-18th to the mid-19th centuries during which a number of significant revolutionary movements occurred in most of Europe and the Americas. [2] The period is noted for the change from absolutist monarchies to representative governments with a written constitution, and the creation of nation states .

    • American Revolution: 37,324+, French Revolution: 150,000+, Napoleonic Wars: 3,500,000–7,000,000 (see Napoleonic Wars casualties), Over 3,687,324–7,187,324 casualties (other wars excluded)
  2. During the decades of economic and social transformation, western Europe also experienced massive political change. The central event throughout much of the Continent was the French Revolution (1789–99) and its aftermath. This was followed by a concerted effort at political reaction and a renewed series of revolutions from 1820 through 1848.

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  4. Feb 16, 2020 · The Age of Revolution is the name given to the period of history that saw large scale revolutionary movements in Europe and the American colonies from 1774 to 1849. Particularly important to the…...