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    Oct 29, 2019 · But agricultural production has also survived in the Campo de Elche despite the strong industrialization. Dates and palm trees from elk are known throughout Spain, the latter are used at almost every procession during the Easter period (Semana Santa).

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    The Roman empire introduced water management techniques to Elche, but the 10th c. Islamic Caliphate of Córdoba and later rulers of Al-Andalus planted palm groves and garden-estates in huertos (rectangular base agricultural units). Islamic rulers also constructed the largest canal system sections in Elche.

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    Agriculture still plays an important role in Elche producing dates, olives, cereals and pomegranates. The rubber trade employs close to 20% of Elche’s inhabitants. Make sure you visit the local market selling fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other locally-made goods and produce – market day in Elche is on a Monday.

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    1The Palmeral of Elche is an irrigation landscape created in the medieval Muslim Spain, linked with the founding of Elche in the tenth century. Thus, the application of well-known techniques in the Arab world enabled the development of an irrigated agriculture in an environment with scarce water resources.

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    The Alicante–Elche Airport, the fifth-busiest in Spain is located in the municipality of Elche, around 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) east from the city centre. The Autopista AP-7 serves the outskirts of the city, and the railway linking Alicante and Murcia del Carmen runs through a tunnel underneath the city, with two underground stations; Elche ...

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    Although when walking the trail, the Palmeral seems like a huge park or garden, it was originally a plantation with an agriculture purpose, and thus its plots (huerta) are referred to as groves. Each of the groves is flanked by rows of date palm trees, in such a way that, when viewed from the air, they form a grid pattern.

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    Zone 10b. 1.7°C to 4.4°C. Zone 11a. 4.4°C to 7.2°C. Zone 11b. 7.2°C to 10°C. View the Fahrenheit Version of the Spain Hardiness Zone Map. Based on the USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive version covers the country of Spain which ranges from Zone 4a to Zone 12a.

  9. Agricultural Coastal Areas in Southeast Spain Ignacio Melendez-Pastor, Encarni I. Hernández, Jose Navarro-Pedreño and Ignacio Gómez Department of Agrochemistry and Environment, University Miguel Hernández of Elche Spain 1. Introduction Soil salt content is a key factor that determines soil chemical quality together with soil

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