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    Elche has over 1000 shoe factories which is important not only for Spain but also for the rest of Europe. Part of the municipality is on the coast but mainly the city is fifteen kilometres away from the Mediterranean Sea. Agriculture still plays an important role in Elche producing dates, olives, cereals and pomegranates.

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    of agriculture and a single economic species from one region to another, which also reflects a significant episode in history. Comparative analysis There are, of course, countless palm groves in North Africa and the Near East. However, the exceptional character of Elche stems from the fact that this was a deliberate

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    The origin of this landscape in the municipality of Elche is from Muslims that elaborated and developed an important irrigation system and the cultivation of palm trees (Phoenix dactylifera L.)....

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    The Alicante–Elche Airport, the fifth-busiest in Spain is located in the municipality of Elche, around 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) east from the city centre. The Autopista AP-7 serves the outskirts of the city, and the railway linking Alicante and Murcia del Carmen runs through a tunnel underneath the city, with two underground stations; Elche ...

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    The main industries in Alicante province are, in the primary sector, intensive agriculture, especially in the fertile Vega Baja del Segura, Camp d'Elx (Elche's countryside) and vineyards in the inner part of the province (Monforte, Novelda, Pinós), also near the coast in the Marina Alta area.

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    Property: The Palmeral of Elche Id. N°: 930 State Party: Spain Criteria: C (ii) (v) The Committee decided to inscribe this property on the World Heritage List on the basis of criteria (ii) and (v): Criterion (ii): The Palmeral (palm groves) of Elche represent a remarkable example of the transference of a characteristic landscape from one culture and continent to another, in this case from ...

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    The Roman empire introduced water management techniques to Elche, but the 10th c. Islamic Caliphate of Córdoba and later rulers of Al-Andalus planted palm groves and garden-estates in huertos (rectangular base agricultural units). Islamic rulers also constructed the largest canal system sections in Elche.

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    Elche is the center of an agricultural region producing olives, almonds, and pomegranates. The city manufactures leather and footwear, vegetable oil, soap, and flour. The Great Soviet Encyclopedia, 3rd Edition (1970-1979). © 2010 The Gale Group, Inc.

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    The inhabitants of Elche used well known techniques from the Near East and the Sahara-region to let this desert bloom. The site consists of 67 different palm groves. They contain more than 11,000 palm trees, mostly date palms (Phoenix dactylifera), with individual specimens up to 300 years old.

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