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  1. Jun 29, 2024 · 1. Mondly. Learn Tagalog with Mondly. It’s difficult to say which Tagalog learning app is best for iPhone (or even Android, for the matter), but we have to admit Mondly comes pretty close. Instead of bombarding you with a gazillion words to memorize, Mondly goes the practical route.

  2. Invest in your future and learn Tagalog to accelerate your career. With the rapid pace of change, you must continually update your skills and knowledge. Stand out from the crowd with Tagalog language skills. Learn Tagalog and get more out of your travel experience. Before a trip, the best preparation you can do is to learn some Tagalog words.

  3. If an individual is dedicated to learning Tagalog, it may take 1-2 years of consistent practice to reach a comfortable level of proficiency. Remember that achieving fluency is a gradual process that takes a lot of effort, time, and practice. The time it takes to learn Tagalog will depend on individual circumstances and the learner's goals.

  4. Apr 22, 2024 · The best way to learn Tagalog on your own is to immerse yourself in daily practice. It will depend on what sources are available to you. It may be Tagalog native speakers, a language learning app for Tagalog, YouTube, social media, or Tagalog books.

    • Use the Best Tagalog Apps. Language apps can be convenient tools to add to your Tagalog study routine if you like flexibility. They can help you learn Tagalog vocabulary quickly and effectively, and keep you engaged with the language.
    • Take an Online Tagalog Course. Online Tagalog courses are useful if you prefer a structured way to learn. Tagalog might not be so hard to learn, but following a lesson plan can make building on your previous knowledge much easier.
    • Find an Online Tagalog Tutor. Taking classes with a teacher is one of the most effective ways to learn Tagalog. But, finding an in-person teacher can be difficult and costly.
    • Study with High-Quality Tagalog Books. Using a book to learn Tagalog is one of the most effective and preferred methods to tackle complicated language topics.
  5. 1. FilipinoPod101. Cost: Starts as low as $4 a month. Summary: FilipinoPod101 is a brilliant online resource for learning Tagalog (especially listening comprehension). If you’re into podcast learning especially, this might be the course for you. FilipinoPod101 uses audio lessons similar to podcasts.

  6. Mar 28, 2021 · There are Filipino honorifics between siblings and family members; kuya and ate are two examples. Kuya is used to address an older brother while ate is used to address an older sister. Both are used with or without the person's name. Ate Precy is an example with the older sister's name.

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