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  1. integrated suite of Tagalog learning materials: a course (online, books, ebooks), a grammar book (online, book, ebook), workbooks (books, ebooks), course audio (CDs, MP3s), free videos and free downloads.

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    • Filipino Alphabet PDF Worksheet. If you want to learn to write in Filipino, this resource will help you. Again, not mine but FilipinoPod101’s so I’m just linking it here.
    • 20+ Filipino PDF Lessons from is an online Filipino learning program. But, they also give out free resources to complement their program.
    • How to Greet in Filipino – Top 30 Phrases. Do you know how to say hello in Filipino? Well… This Filipino PDF lesson teaches you all the ways to say hi, hello, bye and so on.
    • 25+ Filipino Love Words & Phrases. Some people love learning emotional words in other languages. If you’re one of those, this is for you. You will learn Filipino compliments and all the ways to say “I like you” and “I love you” in Filipino.
  3. Free Learning Tagalog samples, quick references (cheat sheets), and various other downloads.

  4. That’s right — I’m presenting a unique resource I developed to help you learn Tagalog faster, and easier. This method can be used IN ADDITION to whatever other ways you are using to learn Tagalog.

  5. With our lessons, you will learn the absolute beginner levels of Tagalog through the most effective ways of jumping into a language; practice through reading and speaking! Tagalog at beginner level is very easy to absorb.

  6. Learn Filipino with FREE Filipino workbooks PDF. Inside you get 16+ printable beginner workbooks for the alphabet, grammar, and more.

  7. Want to learn Filipino with PDF cheat sheets and lessons? At FilipinoPod101, you get the biggest collection of Filipino PDF Lessons… for free. And you get to speak MORE Filipino because these lessons teach you words and phrases for the common conversation topics like Weather, Hobbies, Love, Work, Family, and much more.

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