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  1. best. See definition of best on adj. most excellent. adj. correct, right. adj. most. adv. most excellently. noun most outstanding thing in class. noun highest personal effort. verb defeat; gain advantage.

  2. 11. the best the most outstanding or excellent person, thing, or group in a category. 12. ( often preceded by at) the most excellent, pleasing, or skilled quality or condition: journalism at its best. 13. the most effective effort of which a person or group is capable: even their best was inadequate.

  3. best. noun [ S ] uk / best / us / best /. B1. the most excellent in a group of things or people: My tastes are simple - I only like the best. He wanted the best for his children - good schools, a nice house, and trips abroad. I like all of Hitchcock's films, but I think "Notorious" is the best.

  4. from a position of superiority or authority. “father knows best ”. synonyms: better. adverb. it would be sensible. “you'd best stay at home”. noun. the person who is most outstanding or excellent; someone who tops all others. “he could beat the best of them”.

  5. adjective, superlative of good, with better as comparative. of the highest quality, excellence, or standing: the best work; the best students. most advantageous, suitable, or desirable: the best way. adverb, superlative of well, with better as comparative.

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