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  1. Notion is a highly-customizable wiki software that allows both remote and in-person teams to collaborate more effectively. Due to its flexible design, learning how to use Notion well can be a steep learning curve and tends to be challenging for large teams to use. Notion is free for individual use. 7. Slite

    • What Is Wiki Software?
    • Types of Wiki Software
    • Why Is Wiki Important to Business?
    • Features to Look For When Choosing A Wiki Software?
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    Wiki software is used to host a collaborative working environment where anyone can create, share and edit content on the platform. Wiki software is sometimes also called a wiki engine. A single page in the wiki is called a “wiki page” and the entire collection of pages, interconnected by hyperlinks, is called “the wiki”. Wikis can be public or priv...

    Hosted– wiki software can be hosted by the software provider, so companies don’t need to install the software on their own servers in order to take advantage of its capabilities. SaaS wiki providers make all the updates and development work on the software and take care of matters like security so you don’t have to worry. Self-hosted– wiki software...

    A centralized hub for company information

    A wiki allows you to bring all your company information together in one place where it can be easily accessed by all employees. An internal wikican be your company handbook for HR policies, project management, meeting minutes, and more.

    Team collaboration

    A wiki is a way for your team to work together more effectively because they have a platform in which to share their knowledge. Users can quickly update and edit articles, ensuring that information is accurate and timely.

    Save time in search of information

    Employees likely spend a lot of their time searching for information, through Slack channels, in email chains, in Google Drive – 19% of their time, in fact, according to Mckinsey. Having a well-run wiki which is the ultimate resource for company knowledge cuts down the amount of time employees need to spend searching, and instead all they need to do is type what they’re looking for into the search bar.

    Intelligent Search

    When users encounter your wiki, many of them will know exactly what they’re looking for. An intelligent searchthat is predictive and tolerant of typos is a crucial feature of your wiki software.

    Rich Authoring

    When creating your wiki content, you need a rich authoring environmentto encourage your users to participate. It should allow you to quickly and easily format content, insert media and code blocks, and preview your work before you publish.

    Workflow Management

    Workflow management is a key feature of your wiki solution – you need total control over the editing process for your content and the ability to manage the access permissions of your contributors.

    1. Document360

    Document360 is our very own knowledge base softwarethat you can use to create a wiki for your company. Get started right away with the intuitive WYSIWYG editor that also supports Markdown. Document360 allows you to control who has access to your content down to the granular level. Choose who has editing rights, writing access, and review access. You can also easily view the version history of any article and roll back to a previous version in case you don’t like the changes that have been mad...

    2. Nuclino

    Nuclinois a modern, simple, and blazingly fast wiki that allows teams to organize information and collaborate in real time. It comes with a minimal learning curve, making it easy for anyone – including non-technical users – to quickly get the hang of it. Unlike traditional wiki software, which often tends to be complex, slow, and clunky, Nuclino is exceptionally lightweight. It doesn’t try to clutter its interface with every possible feature and option, and instead focuses on the essentials –...

    3. MediaWiki

    MediaWikiis trusted by thousands of companies. It’s the most popular open-source wiki software available on the web and a solid choice for companies handling large volumes of content. As mentioned earlier, sites that run on MediaWiki include Wikipedia, but also Wikimedia Commons, Wiktionary, and many more. Choosing this software means you’ll be in very good company. It’s written in PHP, so you can easily get started deploying this solution with the LAMP stack. The software also comes with man...

    Wikis are incredibly useful for organizing company knowledge and providing a centralized resource for your employees to consult whenever they have a question. They foster cooperation and collaboration, encouraging users to add new content wherever they find a gap. The challenge with wikis is encouraging participation – your wiki is only as good as ...

  2. The table below gives a glimpse of the key features of some of the best company wiki software. You can also dig into the details of each one of them after the table. Top 19 Wiki Tools and Their Key Features Wiki Software Key Features ProProfs Knowledge Base 25+ ready-to-use, professionally built templates Write and edit with MS Word-like editor

  3. MediaWiki is the most popular wiki software and best open source wiki software available on the internet. It is a good option for company intranets especially if you are running large projects and going to handle a high number of contents. For example, it is the wiki software running on Wikipedia, and so you know that it can manage large projects.

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    • Wiki.js. Wiki.js is a powerful open-source wiki software that makes documentation a joyous ride with its intuitive interface. It is compatible with MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, or MS-SQL Server, and works virtually on any platform.
    • DokuWiki. The highly versatile DokuWiki is open-source, which is known for its simplicity and effectiveness while documenting. It does not need a database and is rejoiced by developers and users alike for its readable and clean syntax.
    • MediaWiki. MediaWiki was created by senior scientists in the year 2002. It is an open-source and free wiki software that empowers thousands of sites, organizations, and companies.
    • XWiki. Again one more open-source wiki solution for you – XWiki, which is written in Java. You can use it as a 1st generation wiki or a 2nd generation wiki.
  4. Nov 08, 2022 · Confluence is one of the top enterprise wiki software. With real-time editing, it helps reduce the risk of version conflicts. It supports in-line comments and likes and synchronizes with Jira Service Management. This tool is a great choice for large companies or software development teams.

  5. Enterprise wiki software offers a unified search to help employees discover answers to their questions quickly. Using the right set of keywords and tags, you can make wiki’s content easy to search. Interlink related articles and direct employees to relevant help content. Seamless navigation makes information-gathering a matter of a few clicks.

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