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  1. New Industries Building - Wikipedia › wiki › New_Industries_Building

    The New Industries Building is a building on the western end of Alcatraz Island off the coast of San Francisco, USA. It was constructed in 1939 for $186,000 as part of a $1.1 million modernization scheme which also included the water tower, power house, officers quarters and remodeling of the D-block. The ground floor of the two-story 306 ft long building contained a clothing factory, dry cleaning plant, furniture plant, brush factory, and an office, where prisoners of the federal ...

  2. Fortress Alcatraz - Alcatraz Island (U.S. National Park Service) › historyculture › fortress-alcatraz

    Jun 22, 2020 · Alcatraz's Military History 1850-1933. Fortress Alcatraz Alcatraz's notoriety as a penitentiary overshadows its earlier, and longer, use by the Army. Surprisingly, this small island once was the most powerful fort west of the Mississippi River. San Francisco Bay is the largest natural harbor on America's West Coast.

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  4. Alcatraz Island - Wikipedia › wiki › Alcatraz_Island

    Alcatraz is featured in the episode "Bird Mummy of Alcatraz" in the children's program, Mummies Alive! and was also featured in a mission in the video game Watch Dogs 2. Alcatraz is also featured as a downloadable map in the video game The Escapists. Escape from Alcatraz and The Rock are two films that show how inescapable the island is.

    • 1934; 87 years ago
    • San Francisco, California
  5. A Hoosier Guard on Alcatraz PART II – Alan E. Hunter › 2020/08/11 › a-hoosier-guard-on

    Aug 11, 2020 · The New Industries Building at Alcatraz. Cantwell took them to the old Industries building where there were “Great big, probably 8 foot by 10 foot, photographs of the prison and Jim was in several of them, so that was neat to go see that.” Jim says with a chuckle.

  6. Alcatraz Facts & Figures › factsnfig
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    Each cell in B & C block was 5 feet by 9 feet. Cells at Alcatraz had a small sink with cold running water, small sleeping cot, and a toilet. Most men could extend their arms and touch each wall within their cell. The cells in D Block (segregation) were more spacious, but still the least popular. In D-Block, inmates were confined to their cells 24-hours per days, with the exception of one visit per week to the recreation yard, and these visits were alone.

    There were 336 cells in B & C Block. NPS states that there were originally 348, but 12 were removed when stairways were installed at the end of each cellblock. There were 36 segregation cells, and 6 solitary confinement cells (actually known as confinement chambers by many inmates) in D-Block. Two cells on the end of C-Block were used as restrooms for the guard staff. The cells in A-Block were only used a few times for (rare) short term lock-up periods when an inmate did not require full solitary confinement seclusion, but needed to be fully isolated from other inmates. Records indicate that Clarence Carnes, Sam Shockley and Miran Thompson were all imprisoned in A-Block (separated by multiple cell lengths) following the 1946 Riots and while standing trial for the deaths of two Alcatraz Guards from the 1946 Escape Attempt. Otherwise, A-Block was used for materials storage.

    Yes. Inmates were granted one visit per month and each visitation had to be approved directly by the Warden. No physical contact was allowed and rules dictated that inmates were not allowed to discuss current events, or any matters concerning prison life. Inmates talked with visitors via intercom and a correctional officer monitored the conversations during each the majority of the time (Alcatraz Captain Phil Bergen stated that they didn't always have time to monitor the conversations, but the vast majority were). Inappropriate conduct during visits would result in a loss of visiting and/or other privileges.

    At any given time, there were about 300 civilians living on Alcatraz that included both women and children. The primary living areas for families were Building #64, three apartment buildings, one large duplex, and four large wooden houses for senior officers. Families enjoyed their own bowling alley, small convenience store, and soda fountain shop for the younger island residents. Families did most of their shopping on the mainland since the prison boat made twelve scheduled runs to the Van Ness Street Pier each day. The Warden lived in a large house adjacent to the cell house and actually used inmates with good conduct records for cleaning and cooking.

    Actually, yes. Willie Radkay (he shared a cell next to Machine Gun Kelly), indicated that having your own cell was a great advantage over other federal prisons. By having your own cell, it reduced the chances of being sexually violated and the privacy aspect was also a cherished benefit. He also stated that the staff (the majority of the time) treated the inmates respectfully though they rarely spoke to one another. Furthermore, the food was the best within the entire prison system and considered his time at Alcatraz to be better than at any other penitentiary.

    The common theme expressed by most inmates was the rule of silence which was discontinued in the late 1930's. In the earlier years of Alcatraz, inmates were not allowed to talk to one another except during meals and recreation periods. Some inmates commonly emptied out the water from their toilets and created a primitive communications system through the sewage piping. This rule was considered harsh and inmates were disciplined for even minor violations of this code. Inmates also state that the island was always cold. Most agree that cells on their higher tiers with window views were more popular since they tended to be warmer than the ground level cells.

    There were eight people murdered by inmates on Alcatraz. Five men committed suicide, and fifteen died from natural illnesses. The Island also boasted it's own morgue but no autopsies were performed there. All deceased inmates were brought back to the mainland and released to the San Francisco County Coroner.

    The highest number ever recorded was 302, and the lowest number 222. The average number of inmates during the 29 years of service was around 260. There were approximately 1545 total men imprisoned there and the NPS indicated that while 1,576 number were issued, over thirty convicts were returned to Alcatraz with different numbers issued. On average, the time of residence was about eight years. Men were never directly sentenced to Alcatraz and usually had to earn their way. There were only two men ever paroled directly from Alcatraz to the free world.

    See the escape info link on this site that provides brief descriptions of each attempt. The NPS records indicate that 36 prisoners were involved in various attempts. Two inmates actually successfully made it off the island but were quickly captured. Seven inmates were shot and killed trying to escape. Two drowned and 5 inmates have been unaccounted for presumed drowned. The most famous escape was that of Frank Morris and the Anglin Brothers. All three were successful in swimming off Alcatraz, but all three are believed to have drowned. See the escapes links and also the Alcatraz short history narrative for more detailed information. The book ALCATRAZ - A Definitive History available for purchase on this web site has one of the most detailed accounts of this attempt ever written.

    Primarily because of rising costs and deteriorating facilities. Operationally, Alcatraz was the most expensive prison of any state or federal institution. It was determined that other institutions could serve the same purpose for less cost.

    None. Stroud had bred and studied birds at the Federal Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas. Stroud was imprisoned at Alcatraz from 1942 until 1959. It was determined that Stroud was abusing his research privileges and sent to Alcatraz. Stroud was widely disliked by many fellow inmates and correctional officers. See other links for more detailed information. See his short biography in the Famous Inmates section here on

    The cellhouse had been built on top of a 19th century fortress that was used by the military to protect the Bay. Below A-Block was a set of cells that were know as the Spanish Dungeon. These cells had been used primarily during the military prison era. In the late 1930's it is alleged that the dungeon cells were occasionally used for unmanageable inmates. Many correctional officers have agreed they had heard, or were aware that some extremely unmanageable inmates were handcuffed to bars in the dungeons for short periods of time. A-Block was used frequently as the segregation unit before D Block had undergone the transformation into a lock-down unit.

  7. Oct 22, 2020 · Model Industries, the largest of these landmarks, is a three-story building with an accessible basement and rooftop, all of which could contain items that are crucial to your survival.

  8. Accessibility - Alcatraz Island (U.S. National Park Service) › alca › planyourvisit
    • Accessible Features
    • Upon Arrival
    • Inside The Park
    • Departure
    • Contact Us
    Tactile Model of Island and Pier 33
    Accessible Parking at Pier 33
    Accessible Restroom Facilities
    Audio Described Tour with Braille posts for wayfinding

    To visit Alcatraz Island you will need to purchase tickets from Alcatraz Cruises. Visit their website at www.alcatrazcruises.comfor accessibility information regarding Pier 33 and Alcatraz Cruises. Pier 33 contains accessible parking stalls; upon arrival please show the parking attendant your disabled placard. You can request Assistive Listening Devices at the ticket booth on Pier 33. Located on Pier 33 is a Tactile Model of Alcatraz Island and Pier 33. While on the boat a safety and introduction video is recorded in American Sign Language. Please direct your attention to the television screens on the boat.

    Once you arrive on the island you will be asked to listen to a short introductory orientation on the dock. You can also watch an American Sign Language Dock Orientation. The dock contains an accessible restroom facility. To your left you will find the accessible tram (S.E.A.T), which transports visitors with mobility impairments to the Cell House. The distance from the dock to the Cell House which is located at the top of the island is about 1/4 (0.4 km) of a mile and the elevation change is 130 feet (40 meters). This is roughly equivalent to climbing a 13 story building, but spread out over a 1/4 mile. In the Cell house there is an elevator to provide access to the second story. Here you can also request an audio described or Braille transcript of the Cell House tour. The audio described tour includes 12 strategically placed tactile markers and a tactile replica of the bar spreader used in the famous escape. There is an accessible restroom facility located adjacent the Cell House....

    Please remember to return your Assistive Listening Devices to the ticket booth at Pier 33. For more info about Alcatraz Island, click here. Golden Gate National Recreation Area strives for full and equal participation for all visitors and continually upgrades facilities to make them more accessible.

    Please contact us you need additional information, have questions, or if you experience difficulty accessing the information on this webpage.

  9. Alcatraz - Our travel guide for the prison island in San ... › en › united-states

    Alcatraz & Angel Island Combo Tour (USD 76.60/person): This ticket includes the normal day tour on Alcatraz and a tram ride via Angel Island, a nearby island. All tickets include at least always the round trip by ferry to Alcatraz Island as well as the free audio tour in the cell building.

  10. If you think you are going to Hell, you're not wrong. Alcatraz is one of most notoriously dangerous prisons in the world, and in today's insane new video we ...

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