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  1. Get sorted into your official Hogwarts House by the Sorting Hat. Are you a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or Ravenclaw? Take the official quiz and discover your house here!

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      Official home of Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts. Discover...

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      Helga, ‘from valley broad’, was the founder of the house...

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      Official home of Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts. Discover...

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    • Harry Potter Hogwarts House Quiz
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    • Ready to Start The Harry Potter Sorting Hat Quiz?

    As you know perfectly well, the allocation to a specific house depends on the Sorting Hat’s decision. It has the extraordinary ability of legilimency, thanks to which it can recognize the characteristics of a person and designate her house that will perfectly match her personality. Harry Potter House Quiz is based on this marvelous ability – legili...

    Right, there are 4 houses in Harry Potter, each one somewhat different from the other. Before we move on to choosing the perfect house for you, young magician, read the specifications of each of them. It is very important.

    Dear first-year students, we will no longer keep you in suspense. It is time for the Sorting Hat to begin a detailed selection. The time has come for you to be assigned to your house based on your personality. If you are still wondering, “what Hogwarts house am I?”, This is the moment when you can let go of all your thoughts and let the Sorting Hat...

    • Which Harry Potter House Are You? Instructions: All you have to do is answer the 25 sorting hat quiz questions below and we will give you a result at the end.
    • Want More Than Just A Harry Potter House Quiz? We Have Put Together Some Additional Trivia About Each Of The Great Houses. We have included some traits about each of the houses that you could be sorted into.
    • Gryffindor Trivia. Members of Gryffindor are typically extremely brave, daring, loyal, and chivalrous. This is the most popular house as it features most of the top characters from the series like Harry, Hermione, and Ron.
    • Hufflepuff Trivia. Members of Hufflepuff are generally humble, kind, and hard-working. This seems to be the most common house and JK Rowling has said that most “good” people go to Hufflepuff.
  2. Mar 10, 2024 · Deep inside every person with a soul (or a piece of a soul) is the desire to know which Hogwarts house they belong in. But how can you distill an entire personality into just one of four...

    • How Does Hogwarts Legacy Assign Your Hogwarts House? The Harry Potter Game Lets Players Choose Their Hogwarts Destiny. The Hogwarts Legacy video game takes an interesting approach to sorting players into their Hogwarts House: there is no Harry Potter house quiz necessary.
    • Wizarding World Has The Official Harry Potter House Quiz. The Original Harry Potter Hogwarts House Quiz. The original sorting quiz belongs to the Harry Potter franchise itself, on the Wizarding World website.
    • Wizardmore Covers All The Harry Potter Bases. An Extensive And Specific Sorting Hat Test. The Wizardmore website hosts every quiz a Harry Potter fan could dream of, from the Sorting Hat to an extended Patronus quiz.
    • Eko Gives An Interactive Video Test. An Interactive Exploration Of Many Choices Within The Wizarding World. This Harry Potter house quiz was initially made by Buzzfeed, but became an interactive video through Eko.
  3. Nov 9, 2023 · If you've ever wondered, "Which house would I be sorted into?", you're in the right place. This quiz uses psychological principles to analyze your personality and match you to the house that fits you best—whether it's brave Gryffindor, wise Ravenclaw, loyal Hufflepuff, or cunning Slytherin.

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  5. Jan 21, 2023 · It's the question you've been debating your entire life — which Hogwarts house are you in? Well, in 10 short questions you'll finally have a definitive, accurate answer.