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  1. Dec 1, 2023 · 1 What is the BMG framework? 2 How can you use the BMG framework for thought leadership? 3 How can you test and improve your BMG canvas? 4 How can you scale and sustain your BMG canvas? 5...

    • Thought Leadership
  2. May 13, 2020 · Leader development can be defined as an expansion of a person’s capability to be effective in a leadership role and process ( Van Velsor et al., 2010 ). This is built on the assumption that if a leader develops knowledge, skills and abilities, leadership will be more effective.

    • Sofia Kjellström, Kristian Stålne, Oskar Törnblom
    • 2020
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  4. Contemporary approaches to leadership include transformational leadership, leader-member exchange, servant leadership, and authentic leadership. The transformational leadership approach highlights the importance of leader charisma, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration as methods of influence.

    • How Is Leadership Evolving?
    • What Are The Limits of Traditional Management Styles?
    • What Is The Impact of This New Approach to Leadership?
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    In the past, leadership was called “management,” with an emphasis on providing technical expertise and direction. The context was the traditional industrial economy command-and-control organization, where leaders focused exclusively on maximizing value for shareholders. In these organizations, leaders had three roles: planners (who develop strategy...

    Traditional management was revolutionary in its day and enormously effective in building large-scale global enterprises that have materially improved lives over the past 200 years. However, with the advent of the 21st century, this approach is reaching its limits. For one thing, this approach doesn’t guarantee happy or loyal managers or workers. In...

    This new approach to leadership is far more effective. While the dynamics are complex, countless studies show empirical links among effective leadership, employee satisfaction, customer loyalty, and profitability.

    A leader’s role may look slightly different in remote or hybrid workplace settings. Rather than walking around a physical site, these leaders might instead model what hybrid looks like, or orchestrate work based on tasks, interactions, or purpose. Being communicative and radiating positivitycan go a long way. Leaders need to find other ways to be p...

    Just as for leadership more broadly, today’s environment requires CEOs to lead very differently. Recent research indicates that one-third to one-half of new CEOs fail within 18 months. What helps top performers thrive today? To find out, McKinsey led a research effort to identify the CEOs who achieved breakaway success. We examined 20 years’ worth ...

    Leaders aren’t born; they learn to lead over time. Neuroplasticity refers to the power of the brain to form new pathways and connections through exposure to novel, unfamiliar experiences. This allows adults to adapt, grow, and learn new practices throughout our lifetimes. When it comes to leadership within organizations, this is often referred to a...

    Mentorship, sponsorship, and apprenticeship can also be part of leadership development efforts. What are they? Mentorship refers to trusted counselors offering guidance and support on various professional issues, such as career progression. Sponsorship is used to describe senior leaders who create opportunities to help junior colleagues succeed. Th...

  5. May 25, 2021 · Abstract. The importance of value-based leadership such as authentic, ethical, and servant leadership is inconspicuous. However, the benefits of these leadership approaches are often only explained through the behaviors of their followers.

    • Sin Mun Chang, Pawan Budhwar, Jonathan Crawshaw
    • 2021
  6. What are the behavioral approaches to defining leadership? What roles do gender and the popular perceptions of gender roles have on views of leadership traits?

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