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  1. drivers. The California Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Program was enacted to improve traffic safety on our roadways. As a result, California has developed licensing and testing requirements for drivers of commercial vehicles that equals or exceeds federal standards. This handbook provides driver license (DL) testing

  2. In 1989, the Texas Legislature established the Commercial Driver License Law to comply with the federal Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986. These laws were passed to reduce traffic accidents involving commercial motor vehicles. The following handbook was designed to assist you, the professional driver, to pass the required knowledge and

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  4. must have a valid driver license from the state of his/her domicile and the driver license must cover the classification of vehicles being driven. 2.1 Commercial Driver License (CDL) The federal Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986 requires all drivers to have a CDL if driving a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of

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  5. or light truck (Class D license). If you want a Commercial Driver License (CDL) to drive a commercial motor vehicle (heavy truck, bus, Class A, B, or C), you should study the Wisconsin Commercial Driver’s Manual. If you want a license to operate a motorcycle (Class M license), you should study the Motorcyclists’ Handbook. DRIVER LICENSE ...

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    Sep 04, 2020 · Drivers have been required to have a commercial driver's license (CDL) in order to drive certain commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) since April 1, 1992. The types of vehicles and operations requiring a CDL are outlined below.

    • Introduction. (15 pages) Sección 1 (PDF) (16 páginas) All applicants should read this section first. All.
    • Driving Safely. (57 pages) Sección 2 (PDF) (63 páginas) General (Core) Knowledge test. Class A, B, and C licenses.
    • Transporting Cargo Safely. (5 pages) Sección 3 (PDF) (5 páginas) General (Core) Knowledge test. Class A, B, and C licenses.
    • Transporting Passengers. (6 pages) Sección 4 (PDF) (6 páginas) Test for endorsement to transport passengers, taken by all bus driver applicants.