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  1. 0,"all movie long city by the sea swings from one approach to the other but in the end it stays in formula -- which is a waste of de niro mcdormand and the other good actors in the cast . 0,"like the chelsea's denizens . . . burdette's collage-form scenario tends to over-romanticize the spiritual desolation of the struggling artiste .

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  3. In Paris, Georges Méliès, a magician, turned to fantasies like Voyage to the Moon (1902) and The Impossible Voyage of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea (1907). Both of these immensely popular filmmakers rejected the familiar urban settings in favor of exotic locales 22 Street Smart

  4. In this regard, Jules Verne's novel Michael Strogoff (1875) is an ideal adaptation of the positive image of Russia for the western audience. The novel is set in the epoch of Alexander II. There is only one Jules Verne's novel -''20 000 Leagues Under the Sea'' that can compete with Michael Strogoff in the number of screen adaptations.

  5. In 1997 he was a guest of the DAAD Berlin Artists Programme, he was a scholarship holder at the Cité International des Arts in Paris in 2008/2009 and "Bonn City Sound Artist 2010". In 2012 he received a honorable mention at the Prix Ars Electronica together with Bruce Odland (O+A).

  6. Sartre assimilates the role of the image in psychic life to a sort of demonic The first characteristic of the image revealed by phenomenological de- possession, nothingness taking on a "magical" cast through the "imperi-scription is that of consciousness and, consequently, the image is trans- ous childlike" 10 nature of the image which ...

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