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      • Treatment of minor currency units (the "exponent") The ISO 4217 standard includes a crude mechanism for expressing the relationship between a major currency unit and its corresponding minor currency unit. This mechanism is called the currency "exponent" and assumes a base of 10.
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  2. Dec 3, 2009 · Basically, Window and .NET know about the user's region but not their currency. A region implies a currency, but a country can have more than currency. For example, a person in Cambodia would more than likely want to enter and use USD than Riel.

  3. the three-digit code number assigned to each currency under the ISO-4217 standard exponent the base 10 exponent of the minor currency unit in relation to the major currency unit (it can be assumed also to be number of decimal places that is commonly considered for the currency)

  4. Exchange rates display at a Bureau de change listing currency names in English and their ISO 4217 codes. This list displays the United Kingdom as ' England ', one of its constituent countries, in addition to displaying the Republic of China as ' Taiwan ' and South Korea as ' Korea '.

  5. Apr 24, 2022 · ISO 4217 is the international standard for currency codes. We’ll share a table at the end of this article. It includes a three-letter alphabetic code for each currency. For example, USD is the code for US dollars, EUR is the code for Euros, and GBP is the code for British Pounds. Table of Contents When to Use Currency Codes vs. Currency Symbols

  6. ISO-4217 currency data. Description A dataset containing currency information from the ISO-4217 standard. Usage currencies Format A data frame with 171 rows and 4 variables: iso_4217_code the three-letter currency code according to the ISO-4217 standard curr_number the three-digit code number assigned to each currency under the ISO-4217 standard

  7. Feb 20, 2011 · 31 Currency.getSymbol () returns the currency symbol relative to the default locale. Gets the symbol of this currency for the default locale. For example, for the US Dollar, the symbol is "$" if the default locale is the US, while for other locales it may be "US$". If no symbol can be determined, the ISO 4217 currency code is returned.

  8. Jan 11, 2023 · For instance, the United States' currency is the dollar; therefore, the code is USD. Japan's currency is yen; therefore, the code is JPY. The complete list of countries and their currency codes are available at or for a small fee at

  9. In others, the major currency unit has such little value that its minor currency unit is no longer used generally (e.g. Japanese sen, 1⁄100 yen ). This is indicated by the standard currency exponent. For example, the United States dollar has an exponent of 2, while the Japanese yen has an exponent of 0.

  10. Jul 17, 2021 · 2 Comments. on .NET Currency exponent ISO_4217. I’m developing something for international use. Wondering if anyone can shed any light on whether the CultureInfo class has support for finding currency exponents for particular countries, or whether I need to feed this data in at the database level.

  11. A Go package providing all ISO 4217 currency codes as constants of type iso4217.Currency. For each currency the three-letter alphabetic code, the three-digit numeric code, the currency exponent and the English name are available. The exponent for historic denominations, for which the constants are annotated as deprecated, is currently inaccurate.

  12. List of currencies and their 3 digit codes as defined by ISO 4217. The data provided here is the consolidation of Table A.1 "Current currency & funds code list" and Table A.3 "Historic denominations".

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