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  1. Sep 02, 2021 · Key Takeway from LLP (Amendment) Act, 2021. In the Budget 2021, our Hon'ble financial minister announced about Amendment in LLP Act. In continuation of same, Ministry of Corporate Affairs issued a press release on 03 rd February 2021 . Further in continuation of the same Wednesday, 28 th July, 2021 Cabinet has passed LLP Amendment Bill, 2021.

    • What’s The Same About LLCs and LLPs?
    • Key Differences Between LLC and LLP Businesses
    • Key Advantages of LLCs and LLPs
    • Which to Choose–An LLC Or LLP?

    Before we look at differences here are similarities between the LLC and LLP business types, look at how they are similar. Both business types are pass-through business types, with owners paying income tax on their share of the business profits (or losses). Although LLCs and LLPs don’t have a board of directors, these businesses must keep good business management records and have regular recorded decision-making meetings, to assure that the business is clearly separate from the owners. Owners of both LLCs and LLPs must pay self-employment tax(Social Security/Medicare) on their income from the business each year.1 The fees for forming each type of business are usually similar for each state, but they also have some variation. Attorney fees for helping with the formation of the business and preparing ownership agreements depend on the size and complexity of the business and on state laws. Each business must have an operating document that directs the decision-making process and answer...

    Starting an LLC vs. an LLP

    Businesses in the U.S. must register as a specific business type (LLC registration or LLP registration) with a specific state (except for the sole proprietorship). All states allow LLCs, but they may restrict ownership of LLPs to specific groups of professionals (accountants, attorneys, architects, etc.) with different professionals allowed in each state. California, for example, allows only groups of architects, surveyors, lawyers, public accountants, or engineers to form an LLP.2

    Ownership of LLCs vs. LLPs

    Owners of an LLC are called members, not partners, and an LLC can have one or more members. As in other types of partnerships, LLP partners can be general partners or limited partners. General partners participate in the ownership of the business, while limited partners only invest but don’t participate in management. One individual or several individuals can own an LLC. An LLC can also be ownedby an organization, trust, non-US citizen, another LLC, or another legal entity. Only individuals c...

    LLC vs. LLP Taxes

    An LLC with more than one owner is considered a partnership for tax purposes only. This means that taxes for both LLPs and multiple-member LLCs are normally prepared using a partnership tax return. After the net income of the partnership is calculated and reported on an information return (IRS Form 1065), the profits or losses are divided between the owners based on their percentage of ownership.3 Each owner receives a Schedule K-1for his or her ownership share, to be included in the owner’s...

    Business Ownership–LLCs have an advantage over LLPs because they can be owned by one or more individuals and other legal entities, while LLPs are usually restricted to specific types of owners (usu...
    Liability protection–LLPs have an advantage if some owners want more passive ownership with no management responsibility and lower liability as limited partners. All LLC owners have the same liabil...
    Taxes–LLCs have the advantage of being able to be taxed as a corporation or S corporation. This ability to be taxed as a corporation can be an advantage if the business is making a profit.

    Many small businesses select the LLC form because it is flexible for ownership and tax purposes. But if you have a professional group, you might find the LLP a possibility. Take all factors into consideration.

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  3. However, with the growth of the economy and increase in the complexity of business operation, the forms of corporate organizations keep on changing. There is a need for the law to take into account the requirements of different kinds of companies that may exist and seek to provide common principles to which all kinds of companies may refer ...

  4. Aug 06, 2021 · The Copy of of an Incorporation Certificate issued by the ROC or the registered partnership deed as applicable. Self-attestation of a copy of Audited Accounts Statements from the Date of Inception. Self-attestation of a copy of Income Tax Returns filed from the Date of Inception. The Undertaking must be duly signed by the Founder (s)/Promoter ...

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  6. Most of the businesses in India adopt a partnership business, so to monitor and govern such partnership The Indian Partnership Act was established on the 1st October 1932. Under this partnership act, an agreement is made between two or more persons who agrees to operate the business together and distribute the profits they gain from this business.

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