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  1. a limited-access road, known by various terms worldwide, including limited-access highway, dual-carriageway, expressway, and partial controlled access highway, is a highway or arterial road for high-speed traffic which has many or most characteristics of a controlled-access highway (also known as a freeway or motorway ), including limited or no …

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    Pedestrian zones(also known as auto-free zonesand car-free zones, as pedestrian precinctsin British English,[1]and as pedestrian mallsin the United States and Australia) are areas of a city or town reserved for pedestrian-only use and in which most or all automobile trafficis prohibited.

  3. A controlled-access highwayis a type of highwaythat has been designed for high-speed vehicular traffic, with all traffic flow—ingress and egress—regulated. Common English terms are freeway,[a]motorway[b]and expressway. [c]Other similar terms include throughway[d]and parkway.

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    The bighorn sheep(Ovis canadensis)[5]is a species of sheepnative to North America.[6] It is named for its large horns. A pair of horns might weigh up to 14 kg (30 lb);[7]the sheep typically weigh up to 143 kg (315 lb).[8] Recent genetic testing indicates three distinct subspecies of Ovis canadensis, one of which is endangered: O. c. sierrae.

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    The general principle that establishes who has the right to go first is called "right of way", or "priority". It establishes who has the right to use the conflicting part of the road and who has to wait until the other does so. Yield sign in Switzerland. Mandatory direction to military traffic.

  6. Dec 15, 2014 · This site’s definition of slut or whore seems to be “a woman who has ever had sex before without being married.” I got that from another poster I pressed for a definition. Yes, I am someone who has been sexually active and not married, as are almost all women and men. That the word is used on this site to convey hatred and degrade women ...

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    Apr 13, 2022 · A course or way which is traveled or passed. The route was used so much that it formed a rut. You need to find a route that you can take between these two obstacles. A regular itinerary of stops, or the path followed between these stops, such as for delivery or passenger transportation. We live near the bus route.

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