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  1. rut: [noun] a periodic and often annually recurring state of certain male animals (such as deer or elk) during which behavior associated with the urge to breed is displayed.

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    Helga (derived from Old Norse heilagr - "holy", "blessed") is a female name, used mainly in Scandinavia, German-speaking countries and the Low Countries. ( Hege , Helle , Helge , Helga , Helka or Oili ).

  3. revoke definition: 1. to say officially that an agreement, permission, a law, etc. is no longer in effect: 2. to say…. Learn more.

  4. route definition: 1. a particular way or direction between places: 2. a method of achieving something: 3. a set of…. Learn more.

  5. Feb 12, 2020 · "Wordiness has two meanings for the writer. You are wordy when you are redundant , such as when you write, 'Last May during the spring,' or 'little kittens' or 'very unique.' "Wordiness for the writer also means using long words when there are good short ones available, using uncommon words when familiar ones are handy, using words that look ...

  6. The meaning of ROUTINE is a regular course of procedure. How to use routine in a sentence.

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    Niall is a male given name of Irish origin. The original meaning of the name is unknown, [1] but popular modern sources have suggested that it means "champion" (derived from the Old Irish word niadh ), [2] .

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