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  1. rut definition: 1. a deep, narrow mark made in soft ground especially by a wheel 2. the period of the year during…. Learn more.

  2. strut definition: 1. to walk in a proud way trying to look important: 2. a strong rod, usually made from metal or…. Learn more.

  3. Dope definition, any thick liquid or pasty preparation, as a lubricant, used in preparing a surface. See more.

  4. Indent definition, to form deep recesses in: The sea indents the coast. See more.

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    Cobblestone is a natural building material based on cobble-sized stones, and is used for pavement roads, streets, and buildings.. Setts, also called Belgian blocks, are often casually referred to as "cobbles", although a sett is distinct from a cobblestone by being quarried or shaped to a regular form, whereas cobblestone is generally of a naturally occurring form and is less uniform in size.

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