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  1. rut definition: 1. a deep, narrow mark made in soft ground especially by a wheel 2. the period of the year during…. Learn more.

  2. The meaning of rut is a periodic and often annually recurring state of certain male animals (such as deer or elk) during which behavior associated with the urge to breed is displayed.

  3. Rut definition, a furrow or track in the ground, especially one made by the passage of a vehicle or vehicles. See more.

  4. Define rut. rut synonyms, rut pronunciation, rut translation, English dictionary definition of rut. n. 1. A sunken track or groove made by the passage of vehicles. 2.

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    Nov 15, 2021 · When used in modern biology with the same meaning of English virus, a plural can be formed using the same suffixes of regular neuters of the 2nd. declension (i.e., vīra, vīrōrum, vīrīs, vīra, vīrīs, vīra): Second-declension noun (neuter, nominative/accusative/vocative plural in -a).

  6. contraction definition: 1. the fact of something becoming smaller or shorter: 2. the fact of becoming less in amount or…. Learn more.

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    Pétanque is played by two teams, where each team consists of one, two, or three players. In the singles and doubles games, each player plays with three metal boules. In triples, each player uses only two. The area where a pétanque game is played is called a terrain. A game can be played in an open area such as a public park, where the ...

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