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  1. Sep 23, 2013 · It’s sad to me because a lot of honest Biblical scholars like N.T. Wright, due to their unfamiliarity with Eastern Orthodox teachings (and Catholicism as a whole [Roman rite, Byzantine rite, Chaldean rite, etc.) end up making a lot of false charges about ecumenism between Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.

  2. But Orthodoxy is distinct from Catholicism and enjoys a unique history and theology. The Russian Orthodox theologian Vladimir Lossky (d. 1958) once referred to the "dogmatic dissimilarity" between ...

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  4. Although it had been brewing for years, the so-called "Great Schism" of 1054 represented a formal—and shocking— separation between Rome and Orthodoxy. At the core of the controversy were two vitally important areas of disagreement: the role of the papacy, and the manner in which doctrine is to be interpreted.

  5. Our basic statement of faith is the Nicene Creed, and the Bible plays a prominent role in our worship, beliefs and piety. The Orthodox Church is the first Christian church, the Church founded by the Lord Jesus Christ and described in the pages of the New Testament. She is the only Christian church whose history can be traced in unbroken ...

  6. The Orthodox, like most Roman Catholics and Protestants, worship the triune God of the Scriptures. Orthodox prayers are offered to God the Father, Jesus, God the Son, and to the Holy Spirit ...

    • Alexander Melnyk
  7. Many Orthodox theologians are of the opinion that between Orthodoxy and heterodox confessions, especially in the sphere of spiritual experience, the understanding of God and salvation, there exists an ontological difference which cannot be simply ascribed to cultural and intellectual estrangement of the East and West but is a direct consequence ...

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