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      • Today, people want Christianity’s miracles without the morals. On the Freedom of Orthodoxy Heresies bind us to the movement of the current moment; orthodoxy frees us from slavery to the present day.
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  2. Sep 29, 2017 · Since the earliest days of Christianity, there have been tensions between the Eastern or Greek and the Western or Roman strains of the faith. The Orthodox faith, which includes Russian Orthodox, maintains many differences from the Western faiths of Roman Catholicism and Protestant Christianity. Culture, geography and ideology have all played roles in separating Russian Orthodox from Western Christianity.

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    • Defining ‘Orthodoxy’

    To begin, I find myself quite sympathetic to Smith’s concerns. A few years ago I wondered aloudwhether we needed another term to flag what sort of error is involved in affirming same-sex marriage (SSM) in the church. I’m certainly in no rush to declare new heresies or label anyone a heretic. I have enough friends whom I am convinced are trying to l...

    Returning to the present moment, the danger most critics are reacting to is that if we don’t label something a matter of orthodoxy, it tends to become minimized to an adiaphora, an “agree to disagree” issue. Smith is not trying to do that. He says this linguistic change doesn’t signal that SSM is a matter of indifference. And yet there is a danger ...

    As I said, though, I don’t mind using a different term, so long as we all agree that orthodox means only “signs off on the right propositions on some foundational issues settled by church creeds and definitions.” But what needs to be made absolutely clear at that point is that orthodoxy would then be an extremely limited concept for determining ecc...

  3. Jul 02, 2014 · Over the years I find myself coming back to a number of ideas within the modern world that differ markedly from Orthodox thought. These are ideas that are imbedded so deep within our culture that they seem self-evident to most people. Many Orthodox believers hold to one or more of them, distorting their understanding of the faith. This article is an effort to create a list and address each one ...

  4. Orthodox prayers are offered to God the Father, Jesus, God the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. During worship assemblies, the members’ frequent making of the sign of the cross “in the name of the ...

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