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  1. “feminine equivalent of mr president” (English) in Spanish is

    equivalente femenino de mr president

  2. President in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation ... › translate › president

    la presidente (a) (f) means that a noun is feminine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol). (F) 2. (of university) Regionalism used in the United States. (United States) a. el rector (ora) (m) means that a noun is masculine.

  3. Señor | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict › translate › señor

    Translate Señor. See 9 authoritative translations of Señor in English with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations.

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  5. señor - Wiktionary › wiki › señor

    Apr 11, 2021 · A Spanish term of address equivalent to sir or Mr., used alone or capitalized and prefixed to the name of a married or an older man. Anagrams [ edit ] Ensor , Neros , Norse , Roens , Rones , Rosen , neros , noser , oners , renos , rosen , seron , snore

  6. Señor - definition of señor by The Free Dictionary › señor

    Used as a courtesy title before the surname, full name, or professional title of a man in a Spanish-speaking area. b. ... equivalent to sir or Mr. Abbr.: Sr.

  7. Gender neutral language in Spanish - Nonbinary Wiki › wiki › Gender_neutral_language_in

    Spanish has two grammatical genders, masculine and feminine. Like other Romance languages, it's very difficult to talk about a person in a gender-neutral way. This is because every adjective, noun, and article are all either masculine or feminine. It's difficult or even impossible to be completely gender-neutral in standard Spanish.

  8. How to say 'Yours' in Mexican Spanish - Quora › How-do-you-say-Yours-in-Mexican

    You want to know what is the equivalent of “yours” in Spanish? I’m sorry if you expected a one word answer.. You might want to relax and be ready to get an idea of how much English reuse its words..

  9. Mr. - Wikipedia › wiki › Mister_(Mr

    Mr is sometimes combined with certain titles (Mr President, Mr Speaker, Mr Justice, Mr Dean). The feminine equivalent is usually Madam although Mrs is also used in some contexts. All of these except Mr Justice are used in direct address and without the name. In certain professional contexts in different regions, Mr has specific meanings; the ...

  10. The definite article: el, la, los and las | Learning Spanish ... › spanish-easy

    Jul 22, 2021 · In Spanish, you have to choose between four definite articles: el, la, los and las. Which one you choose depends on the noun which follows. Which one you choose depends on the noun which follows. In Spanish, all nouns (including words for things) are either masculine or feminine – this is called their gender .

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