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  1. “hate” (English) in Japanese is


  2. How to say hate in Japanese. Japanese Translation. 嫌い. Kirai. More Japanese words for hate. 嫌い noun. Kirai dislike, aversion, hatred, antipathy, disgust. 憎しみ noun.

  3. What does 果て (Hate) mean in Japanese? English Translation to the end More meanings for 果て (Hate) result noun 結果, 成果, リザルト, 効果, 成績 extremity noun 端, 四肢, 末端, 極み, 極端 limit noun 限定, リミット, 限界, 限度, 極限 Find more words! 果て See Also in English end noun, verb 終わり, 終了, 端, 最後, 末端 to preposition に, へ, の, まで, に対して the article その, 定冠詞, あの, というもの

  4. Feb 18, 2011 · There are different ways of saying hate in Japanese, depending on the sentence in which you use the word. I think the "main" word is kirai or in Japanese, 嫌い . 🏠

  5. How to say full of hate in Japanese. Japanese Translation. 嫌いでいっぱい Kiraide ippai. Find more words!

  6. How to say I hate you in Japanese. Japanese Translation. 大嫌い. Daikirai. More Japanese words for I hate you. わたしは、あなたが大嫌いです. Watashi wa, anata ga daikiraidesu I hate you. Find more words!

  7. hate noun, verb 嫌い, 憎しみ, 憎む, 嫌う, 嫌悪 crime noun 犯罪, 罪, 犯行, 罪悪, 悪事 Nearby Translations hate hatchway hatch up hatch out hatching hatchets hated hate each other hateful hatefulness hate mail hate me Translate to Japanese

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