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  1. Frequently, among English and always among French authors, a Masonic abbreviation is distinguished by three points,.:, in a triangular form following the letter, which peculiar mark was first used, according to Ragon, on the 12th of August, 1774, by the Grand Orient of France, in an address to its subordinates.

  2. Semitrailer has the same meaning as in 49 CFR 390.5. ... Missouri River Bridge (NE) IL State Line Clinton. ... NC 18/90 Lenoir. US 401: SC State Line: I-40 Raleigh.

  3. Lutheran. Term (adjective and noun) derived from the name M. Luther*; refers to his followers and to doctrines and practices of the Luth. Ch.; apparently 1st used ca. 1519 or in the early 1520s, but it may be impossible to determine exactly when and by whom (but first, apparently, by Luther's enemies).

  4. F L: 1: precedes the European postal code on addresses in Liechtenstein, such as FL-9490 Vaduz. 2: auction abbreviation for topical flowers. 3: USPS abbreviation for Florida. 4: USPS abbreviation in address for number of floor in building.

  5. 1-what plants exhale at night carbondioxide 2-velocity of sound m/s 343 3-which vitamins not stored in human body? C 4-lake of vitamin c create which disease skin desease 5-which vitamin help blood clotting?

  6. The abbreviation “leg.” (legit = ‘has collected’) follows the name(s) of the collector(s) of the specimen. Primer design The transcriptomes of Nannaria hokie Means, Hennen & Marek, 2021 ( minor species group) and Nannaria ericacea ( wilsoni species group) sequenced by Means et al. (2021) were used for gene exploration and primer ...

  7. Yet, after the latter event, the Grand Lodge of Missouri affirmed the decision and rejected a plea of the Grand Lodge of Illinois that the case be reconsidered. The proper procedure would have been to transfer the case to the Grand Lodge of Illinois. The Grand Lodge of Missouri gave little attention to the jurisdiction of other bodies.