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  1. Jun 20, 1994 · An expression for the potential energy as a function of volume is formulated for high-Tc copper oxides by considering long-range electrostatic Coulomb…

    • R. Jayaprakash, S.S. Kushwaha, J. Shanker
    • 1994
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  3. 3: Symbol for Guilford Gravure, which appears before the plate number on coil stamps. 4: Auction term for "good" condition. 5: German catalogue abbreviation for gold overprint or surcharge. 6: with eagle and United States of America; Pennsylvania Custom House revenue seal. 7: Gourde, currency unit of Haiti. 8: Guarani, currency unit of Paraguay.

  4. The International System of Units, or SI,: 123 is a decimal and metric system of units established in 1960 and periodically updated since then. The SI has an official status in most countries, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, although these three countries are amongst a handful of nations that, to various degrees, also continue to use their customary systems.

  5. For instance, Hérigone’s course contains an exposition of Fermat’s work on tangents; see Hérigone [1644, 59–69] and Cifoletti [1990, 129]. 4 The interpretation of Descartes’ program gives rise to conflicting opinions even today. On the one hand Bos, Boyer, and Lenoir state that, for Descartes, algebra is merely a labor-saving instrument.

  6. Cumari: Cumari is a generic term that in South America it refers to any species of Capsicum, usually wild, which has small berries and easy to peel off. This feature means that they are eaten by birds. Cumari The name comes from the Tupi Indian language, meaning "the pleasure of taste" in reference to the use as a condiment.

  7. Mar 30, 2022 · Abelard was born in the little gracious Briton village near Nantes, Le Pallet, now also famous for the excellent Muscadet wine, from the local noble knight and landlord in 1079. While a number of his peers in the French elite followed the call of Pope Urban II for the First Crusade, the young Peter decided to attend philosophy instead of the army.

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