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  1. James Bejon. Balaam in Light of the Biblical NarrativeSummary: Balaam's story is a strange one. Quite apart from its account of Balaam's dialogue with his donkey, it includes a highly irregular incident, in which YHWH tells Balaam to go to Moab and then becomes angry with Balaam when he does so (Num. 22.22).

  2. BRAND NEW, Being Logical: A Guide to Good Thinking, D Q McInerny, Dennis Q McInerny, Whether regarded as a science, an art, or a skill-and it can properly be regarded as all three-logic is the basis of our ability to think, analyze, argue, and communicate.

  3. This printable Bible study worksheet examines the good news about salvation, including the definition of sin, the consequenses of sin, forgiveness, faith and everlasting life. It is available as a printable PDF worksheet. Click on the link below to download it. You may then view and/or print the pages to your printer.

  4. Logical Fallacies in Attacks Against the Bible: Eleven Examples Edwin K. P. Chong Version: August 26, 2003 In this essay, I describe, by way of examples, eleven fallacies of logic and their use in attacking the Bible and its claims. The same fallacies are used against the Christian faith in general, as well as specific issues like the ...

  5. Bible Reading Plan - Study God's Word Faithfully This easy-to-follow Bible reading plan will help you grow in spiritual understanding. The Bible is filled with promises on how God can change your life when you study His Word.

  6. Get access to the first chapter for free of the new series by Irvin Baxter on Revelation. Understand what is about to happen by learning the end times according to Bible prophecy.

  7. What is the meaning of the word cagey? 1 : hesitant about committing oneself officials are cagey about giving out details. 2a : wary of being trapped or deceived : shrewd a cagey consumer. b : marked by cleverness a cagey reply.

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