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      Guide to Baidu Baike, China's Wikipedia Equivalent -
      • Baidu Baike (百度 百科 in Chinese, translated as “Baidu Encyclopedia”) is a collaborative, web-based encyclopedia that is owned and produced by the Chinese search engine Baidu. The test version was released on April 20, 2006 and within three weeks the encyclopedia had grown to more than 90,000 articles and surpassing Chinese Wikipedia.
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  2. The countries and territories in which the Chinese Wikipedia is the most popular language version of Wikipedia are shown in light green. The Chinese Wikipedia is based on written vernacular Chinese , the official Chinese written language in all Chinese-speaking regions, including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore.

  3. Most popular edition of Wikipedia by country. In greyed-out countries, the "national-language" edition is usually the most popular, but there are exceptions: for example, Afghanistan has Farsi Wikipedia as the most popular (there is no Dari Wikipedia).

    Wikipedia Name In English
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    Script (iso15924 Code)
    English Wikipedia
    Wikipédia en français
    Deutschsprachige Wikipedia
    Wikipedia en español
  4. The Chinese Wikipedia (In Chinese: 中文維基百科 / 中文维基百科) is the Chinese-language edition of Wikipedia. This edition was started in October 24, 2002. The Chinese Wikipedia can show the same article in many different scripts, in both Simplified and Traditional script. It is the 15th largest edition by article count.

  5. The Chinese Wikipedia, or formally ZhongwenWikipedia, is the Chinese version of the world's largest free encyclopedia project. While the Wikipediahas been around since TK, the Chinese version was started in May 2001. According to the Wikipedia language list, the main page was made on November 16, 2002. Beginnings[编辑]

  6. Aug 3, 2022 · Baidu Baike is the Chinese equivalent to Wikipedia and is one of the most visited websites in China. Baidu SERP prominently features Baidu Baike entries, therefore getting a page on this platform can propel brands to the top search results. Here is our guide Baidu Baike. Baidu Baike (百度 百科 in Chinese, translated as “Baidu Encyclopedia ...

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