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    What is the largest city in Guatemala?

    Where is Ciudad de Guatemala located?

    What country is Ciudad de Guatemala in?

    What is the population of Guatemala?

  2. Biggest Cities In Guatemala - WorldAtlas

    Apr 25, 2017 · Villa Nueva is the second most populous Guatemalan city, housing a population of 0.48 million ...

    Population (in million inhabit ...
    Ciudad de Guatemala
    Villa Nueva
  3. Guatemala Population 2020 (Demographics, Maps, Graphs)

    The largest city and capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City or Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción. Guatemala City has a metro population of more than 2.45 million. Guatemala city is home to most of the country's economic, financial and government sectors. The only other city with a population in the 7-digits is Villa Nueva with 1.5 million residents.

  4. Guatemala City - Wikipedia

    Guatemala City ( Spanish: Ciudad de Guatemala ), locally known as Guatemala or Guate, officially Ciudad de Guatemala (art. 231 of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala), is the capital and largest city of Guatemala, and the most populous urban area in Central America. The city is located in the south-central part of the country, nestled in a mountain valley called Valle de la Ermita (English: Hermitage Valley ).

    • Guatemala
    • 1776
    • 1,500 m (4,900 ft)
    • Guatemala
  5. List of places in Guatemala - Wikipedia

    List of most populous cities in Guatemala. Population data based on the 2002 census. Quetzaltenango. Chimaltenango. Huehuetenango. Puerto Barrios. Chichicastenango. Antigua Guatemala. Sololá.

  6. Capital Facts for Guatemala City, Guatemala

    Jul 06, 2020 · Guatemala City Central America’s most highly populated urban area, Guatemala City serves as the capital city for the Republic of Guatemala. In Spanish, Guatemala City is called Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción which translates to New Guatemala of the Assumption. Nicknames for Guatemala City include “Guate” and “Guatemala”, while the country Guatemala’s nickname is Land of the Eternal Spring for its beauty and warm climate.

  7. Guatemala Maps & Facts - World Atlas

    Nov 11, 2020 · Located in the south-central region of the country, in Valle de la Ermita of the Central Highlands is Guatemala City (Nueva Guatemala de la Asuncion) – the capital, the largest and the most populous city of Guatemala. It is also the administrative, cultural and economic center of the country.

  8. Tikal - HISTORY

    Tikal is a complex of Mayan ruins deep in the rainforests of northern Guatemala. Historians believe that the more than 3,000 structures on the site are the

  9. The country’s contemporary capital, Guatemala City, is a major metropolitan centre; Quetzaltenango in the western highlands is the nucleus of the Indian population. Guatemala Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Great Plaza, Temple II, Tikal, Guatemala The Great Plaza, Temple II, Tikal, Guatemala.

  10. Guatemala - Climate | Britannica

    Protestants account for about two-fifths of the population, one of the highest proportions in Latin America. The most important Roman Catholic shrine in Central America is the Black Christ of Esquipulas (1595), located in eastern Guatemala and carved by Quirio Cataño of Antigua Guatemala.

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