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  1. The Most Disturbing Movie Visions of Hell | Den of Geek

    Nov 22, 2018 · Jigoku (1960) Nobuo Nakagawa’s Jigoku (“Hell”) is an assault on the senses. Lingering on every horrible detail, it’s an extreme torture horror movie (with a very bizarre, sublimely ...

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  2. Tombstone (1993) - Quotes - IMDb

    Narrator : 1879 - the Civil War is over, and the resulting economic explosion spurs the great migration west. Farmers, ranchers, prospectors, killers, and thieves seek their fortune. Cattle growers turn cow towns into armed camps, with murder rates higher than than those of modern day New York or Los Angeles.

  3. Watch Tell Hell I Ain't Comin' | Prime Video

    The movie was great, we need more like this to show the seriousness about HELL. the Bible tells us the unrighteous shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, there are no small sins verses big sin, sin is sin and the flames of HELL, brimstones and ETERNAL torture!!!!!

  4. American Flyers (1985) - IMDb

    Aug 16, 1985 · Directed by John Badham. With Kevin Costner, David Marshall Grant, Rae Dawn Chong, Alexandra Paul. Sports physician Marcus persuades his unstable brother David to come with him and train for a bicycle race across the Rocky Mountains.

    • (5.5K)
    • John Badham
    • PG-13
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  6. Motel Hell - Wikipedia

    Based on a true story out of Wrocław (Poland) about German serial killer and cannibal Karl Denke, Farmer Vincent Smith and his younger sister Ida live on a farm with an attached motel, named "Motel Hello" (but the neon "O" flickers, turning the name into "Motel Hell"). Vincent's renowned smoked meats are actually human flesh.

    • Lance Rubin
    • ‹See TfM›, October 18, 1980
  7. 7 Best Gateway to Hell Movies - Bloody Disgusting

    Jul 11, 2016 · With ‘Baskin’ re-opening the doors to damnation, we look at some of the best horror films involving gateways to Hell! “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” As a people, we have an inherit ...

  8. Anyone figure out the Hell House LLC secret? : horror

    The Carrier: late 80's film about a mysterious pandemic that only cats can detect, while everyone covers themselves in plastic and goes insane. The perfect film for our time.

  9. 15 Terrifying Visions Of Hell By Survivors Of Near-Death ...

    Feb 17, 2017 · A couple of near-death experience survivors tell horrendous stories about what they heard when they died and were residing beyond hell's doors. What some of them say they heard shakes the very human spirit to its core and can only be described as nothing other than the continuous screams of the souls who had been banished to hell forever.

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