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    1 day ago · Southern Italy is generally thought to comprise the administrative regions that correspond to the geopolitical extent of the historical Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, starting from Abruzzo, Apulia, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria, Molise, and Sicily; because of this historical reason, and the fact that southern Italian dialects are spoken there as well, some also include the southernmost and ...

    • 123,024 km² (47,500 sq mi)
    • 20,637,360
  2. Lampedusa - Wikipedia › wiki › Lampedusa

    1 day ago · Sicily is farther at 205 kilometres (127 miles), whilst the island nation of Malta is 176 kilometres (109 miles) to the east of Lampedusa. Lampedusa has an area of 20.2 square kilometres (7.8 sq mi) and a population of about 6,000 people. Its main industries are fishing, agriculture, and tourism.

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  4. House of Habsburg - Wikipedia › wiki › House_of_Habsburg

    1 day ago · Name. The origins of Habsburg Castle's name are uncertain. There is disagreement on whether the name is derived from the High German Habichtsburg (hawk castle), or from the Middle High German word hab/hap meaning ford, as there is a river with a ford nearby.

  5. County of Modica - Wikipedia › wiki › County_of_Modica

    1 day ago · Historical map of the island Sicily (18th century), showing the County of Modica between the red line. The County of Modica was a feudal territory within the Kingdom of Sicily from 1296 to 1812. Its capital was Modica , on the southern tip of the island, although the cities of Ragusa and Scicli housed some government offices for a period.

  6. Berbers - Wikipedia › wiki › Berbers

    1 day ago · Ahmed es-Sikeli, born in Djerba to a Berber family of the Sadwikish tribe, was baptized a Christian under the name Peter, was a eunuch and qaid of the Diwan of the Kingdom of Sicily during the reign of [[William I of Sicily|. His story was recorded by his Christian contemporaries, Romuald Guarna and Hugo Falcandus from Sicily, and the Muslim ...

    • from 9 to ~13 million
    • from ~18 million to ~20 million
    • ~3,850,000
    • 117,783
  7. RAO Bulletin 15 April 2021 - Veterans Resources › 2021 › 04

    Today · His misspelled name appears in a mockup of the Wall of Remembrance presented to the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts by the National Park Service on September 17, 2020. But for each name erroneously included in the database, there are others not included.

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