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  1. The Alhambra – Fortress Complex And A Palace. The Alhambra, which original Arabic name is Qalat Al-Hamra, is a fortress complex and a palace located in Granada, the south of Spain. It was mainly constructed as a small fortress in AD 889 on the remains of Roman fortifications and it was actually being ignored until its ruins were rebuilt later ...

  2. Alhambra Fortress, Granada, Spain (with Map & Photos) The Alhambra is an impressive architectural and park ensemble that includes ancient palaces, a fortress and gardens of Muslim rulers and is considered the highest achievement of Moorish architects in Western Europe. Currently, the Alhambra is a museum of Islamic art and culture, which is ...

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  4. Aug 05, 2019 · Granada. The Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex located in the Andalusia region. It was originally built in AD 889 as a fortress and converted to a palace later in 1333. It was built during the Muslim rule of Spain and is the reflection of the culture of the last centuries of this rule.

  5. Alhambra Palace, Granada. Arguably the most exquisite structure of Andalucia’s Moorish legacy is the Alhambra, just outside Granada, inland from Malaga. One of the most famous landmarks in Spain, the complex was built between the ninth and 15th centuries. The name means “red fort,” and if you visit in the soft light of morning or early ...

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  6. Brief history of Marivent Palace. We will now focus on its history. Marivent Palace was built in record time between 1923 and 1925 by the architect Guillem Forteza.It was personally commissioned by John Saridakis, who had amassed a large fortune as an engineer in Chilean mines and was in love with Majorca, up to the point that he lived there until his death in 1963.

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