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  1. Dutch Gold 10 Guilder Fact Sheet and History | Provident › knowledge-center › dutch

    Apr 13, 2021 · The Dutch gold 10 guilder is a beautiful addition to any numismatic collection. Its role in the history of the Dutch currency, its high gold content and the fact that this coin hasn’t been minted since the beginning of World War II make it a highly valued coin worldwide.

    • 10 Guilder-.1947 Troy Ounces
    • 10 Guilder-.1947 Troy Ounces
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  2. Dutch 10 Guilder coins | Gold IRA Guide › dutch-10-guilder-coins

    Dutch 10 Guilder coins were all struck as legal tender in the Netherlands. Their face value was a consistent 10 Guilders. This face value is no longer valid as the Netherlands now uses the euro instead of the guilder. It is irrelevant in any case as no one would choose to spend these coins for a mere 10 Guilders.

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  4. Dutch 10 Guilder Gold Coin | Provident › netherlands-10-guilder

    Apr 12, 2021 · The Dutch 10 Guilder coin, containing 0.1947 ounces of pure gold, was used to consummate business throughout the world. The last 10 Guilder coins were struck in 1933, when the Netherlands was suffering the effects of the Great Depression. It was actually one of the last European countries to suspend production of circulating gold coins.

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  5. Dutch Gold 10 Guilder | American Gold Exchange › netherlands-gold-10-guilder

    Netherlands gold 10 guilders were minted between 1818 and 1933, featuring four successive monarchs: Willem, Willem II, Willem III, and Wilhelmina. Netherlands 10 guilder gold coins offer all the benefits of bullion plus exceptional scarcity, financial privacy, excellent minting, and classic European beauty at close to gold bullion prices.

  6. Feb 14, 2019 · These 10 Guilders from the Netherlands are a popular way to buy Gold as they contain more Gold than many other European coins. Guilders minted from 1875-1933 feature a variety of monarchs, giving them an aspect of collectibility as well.

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  7. 1912 Netherlands Queen Wilhelmina Gold 10 Guilder NGC MS65 ... › 1912-netherlands-gold-10

    This 1912 Netherlands 10 Gulden Gold coin is in beautiful condition, graded Mint State 65 by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). The coin will exhibit an even strike, several marks and hairlines, and light scuff marks within the field and design.

  8. 1917 Netherlands Queen Wilhelmina Gold 10 Guilder NGC MS64 ... › 1917-netherlands-gold-10

    This 1917 Netherlands 10 Gulden coin was struck from 0.1947 Troy oz. of .900 fine gold, measuring 22.5mm in diameter with a reeded edge, and a reported final mintage of 4,000,000. Queen of the Netherlands

  9. 10 Gulden - Wilhelmina - Netherlands – Numista › catalogue › pieces24451

    Detailed information about the coin 10 Gulden, Wilhelmina, Netherlands, with pictures and collection and swap management: mintage, descriptions, metal, weight, size, value and other numismatic data

  10. Netherlands 10 Gulden KM 106 Prices & Values | NGC › price-guide › world

    Explore Netherlands 10 Gulden prices in the World Coin Price Guide, powered by Numismaster. It's available for free at

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