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    Where did the name Schalke 04 come from?

    What division is Schalke 04 in?

    How many members does Schalke football club have?

    When did Westfalia Schalke start to play football?

  2. FC Schalke 04 - Wikipedia › wiki › FC_Schalke_04

    Fußballclub Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e. V., commonly known as FC Schalke 04 (German: [ɛf tseː ˈʃalkə nʊl fiːɐ̯]), Schalke 04, or abbreviated as S04 (German: [ˈɛs nʊl fiːɐ̯]), is a professional German football and multi-sports club originally from the Schalke district of Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia.

  3. List of Football Club Nicknames | Where Do Team Nicknames ... › articles › club-nicknames
    • Common Reasons For Football Club Nicknames
    • Less Obvious Reasons For Club Nicknames
    • Random Nicknames
    • Ludicrous Nicknames
    • New Nicknames
    • Offensive Nicknames

    Plenty of the most obvious nicknames are based around little more than the colour of shirt that the team plays in. Take the city of Liverpool, for example. There you have two teams that have competed in the top-flight of Englishfootball for most, though not all, of their history. Everton play in blue and Liverpool play in red. Unsurprisingly, therefore, they are often referred to as the Blues and the Reds. Indeed, if you meet someone from the city a shorthand for discovering which team they support is simply to ask ‘Are you a red or a blue’? Some supporters choose to go down slightly more obtuse roads in order to arrive at a decent nickname. They’ll still go off the colour of the shirt that the team plays in, but they’ll use the colour as inspiration for something else. Animals are regularly used by some teams, with Hull City being an excellent example. The team has played in orange and black for the majority of its existence, so ‘The Tigers’ was an easy jump to make. Likewise Newca...

    The team that is nowadays known as Arsenal was originally called Dial Square when it was formed by workers from a munitions factory in 1886. Dial Square was the centre of the Royal Arsenal complex itself, but many felt the name didn’t work for a football club so they became Royal Arsenal just a month after forming. In 1893 they became Woolwich Arsenal and they kept this name until 1914 when, after moving to North London, it didn’t make sense to keep the ‘Woolwich’ part in their name any more. They became ‘The Arsenal’ and later simply Arsenal, but the links to their past were never forgotten. The club’s origins from a munitions factory is still remembered today in their nickname of ‘The Gunners’. A very similar tale explains why West Ham United are known as ‘The Hammers’. The side was formed as an amateur team in 1895 under the original name of Thames Ironworks. That was because it was created by the local ironworks’ foreman and the team was made up of its employees. To this day the...

    Have you ever wondered why Sunderland are known as the Black Cats? In more recent times you might have assumed it’s because they’ve had such bad luck or perhaps were cursed by a witch. As far as we’re aware neither of those things are true. Instead it is far more convoluted than that. During the Napoleonic Wars there were four gun batteries located on the mouth of the city’s River Wear. It was officially named the John Paul Jones Battery but one night one of the people who manned it fled screaming, saying he heard the howling of a black cat that was similar to the sound of the ‘devil himself’. The battery was henceforth known as the Black Cat Battery and the animal was forevermore associated with the city. Perhaps less random that that but still decidedly straw-grasping is that fact that Everton, as well as being known as ‘The Blues’, are also called ‘The Toffees’. This was because there was a toffee shop near to the ground called ‘Mother Noblett’s’ that began to sell the Everton mi...

    There’s no doubt that some clubs have some quite ludicrous and stupid nicknames. Charlton Athletic, for example, are known as ‘The Addicks’. This was a bastardisation of the word ‘haddock’ and was given to them because the ground was built near to a well-known fish and chip shop. There are a number of clubs that have amusing nicknames because of the industry that was based in the town or city where the club was formed. Take Kidderminster Harriers, as an example. Kidderminster was the home of the modern carpet industry, so the football club took on the nickname of ‘The Carpetmen’. Similarly, Wycombe was the home of the local furniture making industry so Wycombe Wanderers became known as ‘The Chairboys’. Hartlepool United are the owners of one of the game’s most ridiculous nicknames and accompanying stories. During the Napoleonic War tensions were high in the coastal town of Hartlepool. Suspicion was thrown on anyone that wasn’t immediately recognised by someone who could vouch for th...

    As long as football club continue to be formed then they’ll earn themselves a nickname. Sometimes they’ll be obvious, other times they’ll be slightly more obscure and based around something that has happened during the club’s existence. As an example of the latter reason you can look North of the border to Dundee United. In 1963 the club was gearing up to host a Scottish Cupbut the pitch was frozen. The fans decided to spread copious amounts of sand onto the turf in the hope that this would cause the ice to melt but instead it earned them a nickname of ‘The Arabs’. It’s worth noting that this name is specifically in reference to the supporters rather than the football club itself. Sometimes supporters enjoy the nickname that their club gets given. Sometimes, however, they’re not that interested and the name is used mostly by the press in an attempt to drum up some interest in various stories. That is the case with FC United of Manchester, the club that was formed in 2005 as a reacti...

    It should come as little surprise that supporters of rival football clubs have come up with derogatory nicknames for their enemies over the years. Heading back to the start of the piece and the city of Liverpool, Liverpool fans often refer to Evertonians by the belittling title of ‘Bluenoses’. In response supporters of Everton call Liverpool fans ‘The Redsh*te’. For a city once famed for the friendliness of its rivalry, things have taken a more bitter turn in recent years. That is due in part to Liverpool’s success and Everton’s lack thereof, also earning Evertonians the nickname of ‘Bitters’. Tottenham is an area of London with quite a large Jewish population. Over the years Spurs have also been under the chairmanship of many Jewish businessmen. During the 1970s and 1980s their supporters would encounter opposition teams that boasted a large number of National Front members; this was particularly the case with West Ham and Chelsea. Some of them would sing anti-semitic chants toward...

  4. History of F.C. Schalke 04 - The Football Curve › history-of-f-c-schalke-04

    FC Schalke 04 was founded on 4 May 1904 as Westfalia Schalke by a group of high school students and first wore the colours red and yellow. The team was unable to gain admittance to the Westdeutscher Spielverband and played in one of the "wild associations" of early German football. In 1912, after years of failed attempts to join the official league, they merged with the gymnastic club Schalker ...

  5. 11 of the Most Frightening Club Nicknames in English Football › posts › 2882158-11-of-the-most

    West Ham United originally started as the official side of the Thames Ironwork and Shipbuilding ...

  6. Sub now: 04 have signed Sead Kolasinac on a loan deal from English Premier League side Arsenal. The 27-year-ol...

  7. Mesut Özil - Wikipedia › wiki › Mesut_Özil

    His nicknames have included " der Rabe " (the Raven, or in Spanish, " El Cuervo ") – playing on his smart and opportunistic style of play, and at Werder Bremen " der neue Diego " (the new Diego), in reference to Brazilian Diego, whose playmaker role he inherited, "German Messi " and "German Zidane ".

  8. Schalke 04: Players you forgot had spells at the Bundesliga ... › en › schalke-forgotten-players
    • Michel Bastos. Senior games for Schalke 04: 16. Career path post-Schalke 04: Al-Ain, Roma, São Paulo, Palmeiras, Sport Recife, América-MG. Trophies since leaving Schalke 04: None.
    • Ivan Rakitic. Senior games for Schalke 04: 135. Career path post-Schalke 04: Sevilla, Barcelona. Trophies since leaving Schalke 04: Europa League (Sevilla), La Liga (four, Barcelona), Champions League (Barcelona), Copa del Rey (four, Barcelona), Spanish Super Cup (three, Barcelona), Uefa Super Cup (two, Barcelona).
    • Kevin Prince Boateng. Senior games for Schalke 04: 60. Career path post-Schalke 04: AC Milan, Las Palmas, Eintracht Frankfurt, Sassuolo, Barcelona, Fiorentina, Besiktas.
    • Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting. Senior games for Schalke 04: 106. Career path post-Schalke 04: Stoke City, Paris Saint-Germain. Trophies since leaving Schalke 04: Ligue 1 (two, Paris Saint-Germain), French Super Cup (Paris Saint-Germain), Coupe de la Ligue (Paris Saint-Germain), Coupe de France (Paris Saint-Germain)
  9. FC Schalke 04 Esports - Leaguepedia | League of Legends ... › wiki › FC_Schalke_04_Esports

    With the acquisition, FC Schalke 04 became the second professional sports organization to sign a League of Legends team, after Beşiktaş acquired Aces High in 2015. 2016 Season . Although Schalke began the summer split with a respectable 3-5-2 match record, in fourth place, they had slid to eighth by the split's end and were required to ...

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