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  1. Aug 1, 2017 · The official language of Moldova is Romanian. The term “Moldovan” is also used to refer to the official language of the country. The name controversy goes back to the Soviet era and later the emergence of an independent Moldova. During the Soviet rule in Moldova, a State language law was passed in 1989 which declared that Moldovan was the state language of Moldova.

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  2. Moldova, country lying in the northeastern corner of the Balkan region of Europe. Its capital city is Chișinău, located in the south-central part of the country. Formerly known as Bessarabia, this region was an integral part of the Romanian principality of Moldavia until 1812, when it was ceded to Russia by its suzerain, the sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

  3. The official state language of Moldova is Romanian which, under either name, is the native language of 82.2% of the population; it is also spoken as a primary language by other ethnic minorities. Gagauz, Russian, and Ukrainian languages are granted official regional status in Gagauzia and/or Transnistria.

  4. Nov 30, 2022 · Languages: Moldovan, plus Gagauz, Russian, Ukranian; Life expectancy: 67 years (men) 76 years (women)

  5. The main language of Moldova is Moldovan, which is considered by most as a dialect of Romanian. The differences between Romanian and Moldovan are small, and the distinction is probably mostly political. In Moldova, the Russian language is the primary language of close to 10% of the population, but Bulgarian, Gaugauz and Ukrainian are also official minority languages.

  6. In the 2004 census Chișinău gave their language as "Romanian", in the countryside more than six-sevenths of the Romanian/Moldovan speakers indicated "Moldovan" as their native language, reflecting historic conservatism. In schools in Moldova, the term Romanian language has been used since independence. In December 2007, Moldovan president Vladimir Voronin asked for the term to be changed to Moldovan language, but due to public pressure against that choice, the term was not changed.

  7. Dec 23, 2013 · The Court confirmed that the official language of the Republic of Moldova is Romanian, not Moldavan. (Press Release, supra .) Romanian President Traian Basescu praised the decision of the Constitutional Court, saying, “through this decision an act of justice is made in regard to the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Moldova, an act of justice for the Moldovans, for those who feel they are Romanians.”

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