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    • Types of Shopping Malls
    • History
    • Mall Design
    • Components
    • Regional Differences
    • Management and Legal Issues
    • World's Largest Malls by Gross Leasable Area
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    The International Council of Shopping Centersclassifies two types of shopping centers as malls: regional malls and superregional malls.

    Forerunners to the American mall

    Shopping centers in general, may have their origins in public markets and, in the Middle East, covered bazaars. In 1798 the first covered shopping passage was built in Paris, the Passage du Caire . The Arcade in Providence, Rhode Islandclaims to be the first shopping arcade in the United States in 1828. In the mid-20th century, with the rise of the suburb and automobile culture in the United States, a new style of shopping center was created away from downtowns. Early shopping centers designe...

    Downtown pedestrian malls and use of term mall

    In the late 1950s and into the 1960s, the term "shopping mall" was first used, but in the original sense of the word "mall", that is, a pedestrian promenade (in U.K. usage a "shopping precinct"). Early downtown pedestrianized malls included the Kalamazoo Mall (the first, in 1959), "Shoppers' See-Way" in Toledo, Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach, Santa Monica Mall (1965). Although Bergen Mall (opened 1957) led other suburban shopping centers in using "mall" in their names, these types of proper...

    Enclosed malls in the U.S.

    The enclosed shopping center, which would eventually be known as the shopping mall, did not appear until the mid-1950s. One of the earliest examples was the Valley Fair Shopping Center in Appleton, Wisconsin, which opened in March 1955. Valley Fair featured a number of modern features including central heating and cooling, a large outdoor parking area, semi-detached anchor stores, and restaurants. Later that year the world's first fully enclosed shopping mall was opened in Luleå, in northern...

    Vertical malls

    High land prices in populous cities have led to the concept of the "vertical mall", in which space allocated to retail is configured over a number of stories accessible by elevators and/or escalators (usually both) linking the different levels of the mall. The challenge of this type of mall is to overcome the natural tendency of shoppers to move horizontally and encourage shoppers to move upwards and downwards. The concept of a vertical mall was originally conceived in the late 1960s by the M...

    Food court

    A common feature of shopping malls is a food court: this typically consists of a number of fast foodvendors of various types, surrounding a shared seating area.

    Department stores

    When the shopping mall format was developed by Victor Gruen in the mid-1950s, signing larger department stores was necessary for the financial stability of the projects, and to draw retail traffic that would result in visits to the smaller stores in the mall as well. These larger stores are termed anchor store or draw tenant. In physical configuration, anchor stores are normally located as far from each other as possible to maximize the amount of traffic from one anchor to another.[citation n...

    "Mall" versus "shopping center/centre"

    Shopping mall is a term used predominantly in North America and some other countries that follow U.S. usage (India, U.A.E., etc.) and others (Australia,etc.) follow U.K. usage. In North America, Persian Gulf countries, and India, the term shopping mall is usually applied to enclosed retail structures (and is generally abbreviated to simply mall), while shopping center/centre usually refers to open-air retail complexes; both types of facilities usually have large parking lots, face major traff...


    There are a reported 222 malls in Europe. In 2014, these malls had combined sales of US$12.47 billion.This represented a 10% bump in revenues from the prior year.

    Shopping property management firms

    A shopping property management firm is a company that specializes in owning and managing shopping malls. Most shopping property management firms own at least 20 malls. Some firms use a similar naming scheme for most of their malls; for example, Mills Corporation puts "Mills" in most of its mall names and SM Prime Holdings of the Philippines puts "SM" in all of its malls, as well as anchor stores such as The SM Store, SM Appliance Center, SM Hypermarket, SM Cinema, and SM Supermarket. In the U...

    Legal issues

    One controversial aspect of malls has been their effective displacement of traditional main streets or high streets. Some consumers prefer malls, with their parking garages, controlled environments, and private security guards, over CBDs or downtowns, which frequently have limited parking, poor maintenance, outdoor weather, and limited policecoverage. In response, a few jurisdictions, notably California, have expanded the right of freedom of speech to ensure that speakers will be able to reac...

    This is an incomplete list of the world's largest shopping malls based on their gross leasable area (GLA), with a GLA of at least 250,000 m2(2,700,000 sq ft).

    Abasto de Buenos Aires Argentina
    Galerías Pacífico Argentina
    Chadstone Shopping Centre Australia
    Shopping City Süd Austria
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    Scharoun, Lisa. America at the Mall: The Cultural Role of a Retail Utopia(Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2012)
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    related to: what is the oldest nightclub in nyc downtown baltimore airport parking
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