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  1. In atomic physics and quantum chemistry, the electron configuration is the distribution of electrons of an atom or molecule (or other physical structure) in atomic or molecular orbitals. For example, the electron configuration of the neon atom is 1s 2 2s 2 2p 6, meaning that the 1s, 2s and 2p subshells are occupied by 2, 2 and 6 electrons ...

  2. Jul 19, 2022 · Valence electrons: Valence electrons (VE) are generally negatively charged particles. These electrons are arranged in different orbits or shells. They are important for the formation of chemical bonds and for the interaction between atoms. Valence electrons are also called outer-shell electrons.

  3. Below is a blank energy level diagram which helps you depict electrons for any specific atom. At energy level 2, there are both s and p orbitals. The 2s has lower energy when compared to 2p. The three dashes in 2p subshells represent the same energy. 4s has lower energy when compared to 3d. Therefore, the order of energy levels is as follows: s ...

  4. Shell contains the maximum number of electrons that it can accommodate and is based on the principal quantum number which is written as n. It is given by the formula 2n 2. Here, the n is the shell number. The values of n, shells and total number of electrons are accommodated differently. The shells are called K, L, M and N.

  5. The energy levels are also called electron shells. An electron can move in one energy level or to another energy level, but it can not stay in between two energy levels. (Image will be uploaded soon)

  6. We are working out the electronic structures of the atoms using the Aufbau ("building up") Principle. So far we have got to calcium with a structure of 1s 2 2s 2 2p 6 3s 2 3p 6 4s 2. The 4s level is now full, and the structures of the next atoms show electrons gradually filling up the 3d level. These are known as d-block elements.

  7. Electrons are assigned to subshells in order of increasing value of n + l. For subshells with the same value of n + l, electrons are assigned first to the subshell with lower n. A version of the aufbau principle known as the nuclear shell model is used to predict the configuration of protons and neutrons in an atomic nucleus.

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