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  1. Answer (1 of 3): cry unclecry uncle- because uncles often pick on there brother or sisters kids. I find this more true if the siblings are born close together in age.

  2. If that sounds unlikely, try a theory that William and Mary Morris turned up, that it goes back to a Latin expression used by Roman youngsters who got into trouble: patrue mi patruissime “uncle, my best of uncles”. It may be rather more probable that it’s a requirement that the person should cry for his uncle in order to be let free.

  3. Why do you cry uncle? It seems that while “crying uncle” is today regarded as an Americanism, its origins go all the way back to the Roman Empire. Roman children, when beset by a bully, would be forced to say “Patrue, mi Patruissimo,” or “Uncle, my best Uncle,” in order to surrender and be freed.

  4. Answer (1 of 13): The first recorded example of say uncle, also found as cry uncle, and meaning to beg someone to stop an action, or, intransitively, to surrender, is this: 1916 Literary Digest vol. 52: It [i.e. a movie] was to end with a smashing knockdown, after which the victorious leading ma...

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