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  1. Piano key frequencies - Iowa State University › piano-key-freq-wikipedia

    Piano key frequencies 3 36 g♯/a♭ G♯3/A♭3 207.652 35 g G3 195.998 G G G 34 f♯/g♭ F♯3/G♭3 184.997 33 f F3 174.614 32 e E3 164.814 31 d♯/e♭ D♯3/E♭3 155.563 30 d D3 146.832 D D 29 c♯/d♭ C♯3/D♭3 138.591 28 c small octave C3 Low C 130.813 C 27 B B2 123.471 26 A♯/B♭ A♯2/B♭2 116.541 25 A A2 110.000 A

  2. Piano key frequencies - Wikipedia › wiki › Piano_key_frequencies

    This is a list of the fundamental frequencies in hertz of the keys of a modern 88-key standard or 108-key extended piano in twelve-tone equal temperament, with the 49th key, the fifth A, tuned to 440 Hz. Since every octave is made of twelve steps and since a jump of one octave doubles the frequency, each successive pitch is derived by multiplying or dividing the frequency of the previous pitch by the twelfth root of two. For example, to get the frequency a semitone up from A4, multiply 440 by th

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  4. Understand the Acoustic Modulation vs. Beating Confusion › insights › modulation-vs

    Sep 17, 2015 · Assuming |f1 – f2| << f1, f2, the “carrier” frequency of the beat signal is at (f1 + f2)/2 and so approaches f1 = f2 when the piano string is perfectly strung, and the beat signal amplitude varies with a frequency of |f1 – f2|. |f1 – f2| can be extremely small before essentially disappearing altogether to the piano tuner, certainly, on the order of a fraction of 1 Hz It should be obvious that no human ear could detect a sound at that low a frequency (the typical human ear lower ...

  5. Pianos Are Out of Tune - A Discussion on Equal Temperament ... › pianos-are-out-of-tune

    Jan 18, 2014 · Notes can be expressed a numbers, as in frequency. The standard frequency that we measure the Note “A4” is 44o Hz (A4 refers to the note A located on the treble clef staff). A5 which is an octave above A4 measures at 880 Hz. So we can describe this as a fraction: 440/880. You can also express it as a ratio: 440:880, or 1:2.

  6. The Equal Tempered Scale and Peculiarities of Piano Tuning › apps › pianotemp

    the resultant frequency is 110 Hz, which is the fundamental. If N = 2, the resultant frequency will be the second harmonic, or 220 Hz. If N=3, the resultant frequency will be the third

  7. Piano acoustics - Wikipedia › wiki › Piano_acoustics

    The strings of a piano vary in thickness, and therefore in mass per length, with bass strings thicker than treble. A typical range is from 1/30 inch (0.85 mm, string size 13) for the highest treble strings to 1/3 inch (8.5 mm) for the lowest bass.

  8. Beat (acoustics) - Wikipedia › wiki › Beat_(acoustics)

    It can be said that the lower frequency cosine term is an envelope for the higher frequency one, i.e. that its amplitude is modulated. The frequency of the modulation is f 1 + f 2 / 2, that is, the average of the two frequencies. It can be noted that every second burst in the modulation pattern is inverted. Each peak is replaced by a trough and ...

  9. fft - Piano pitch detection - Signal Processing Stack Exchange › questions › 6395

    I'm working on a piano tuning program and part of it requires real-time pitch detection. Here is the scheme I have so far which works to some degree but could probably use some refinement. I'm capturing mono, 44.1kHz, 16-bit PCM audio in chunks of 2^14 samples.

  10. Questions About Piano Tuning › knowledge › piano_tuning

    The piano tuner begins by opening up the piano to gain access to the tuning pins. This may involve removing several parts of the piano cabinet, especially with upright piano models. So having a safe place to put those parts is helpful. Also removing objects from the top of the piano in advance of the tuner's arrival, such as photos or books ...

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