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    China has 23 provinces in total. Here are some facts about them: 1. The most populated province of China is Guangdong Province in the south of China, with over 100 million residents. 2. Theleast populated province of China is Qinghai Province, despite its rather large size, only has just over 5 million residents. 1. The largest province of Chinaby ...

    So what’s an autonomous region? Let’s take the Wikipedia definitionfor complete clarity: QUICK FACT –Autonomous Region in Chinese is 自治区 zìzhìqū In total China has 5 Autonomous Regions which are: 1. Inner Mongolia (1947) 2. Xinjiang (1955) 3. Guangxi (1958) 4. Ningxia (1958) 5. Tibet (1965) Given the fact the definition mentions that Autonomous Reg...

    China’s 4 municipalities boast the highest level of classification for cities in China. These cities are effectively provinces in their own right. They form part of the first tier of administrative divisions of China. China’s 4 municipalities are: 1. Beijing 2. Shanghai 3. Chongqing 4. Tianjin Years ago China actually nominated 11 cities with the t...

    China has a total of 2 Special Administrative Regions, Hong Kong and Macau, very closely located geographically. Hong Kong and Macau are located towards the south of China, with Hong Kong bordering Shenzhen. The details behind how SAR’s work are fairly complex, so let’s go back to our friend Wikipedia: Of course you’re probably well versed to the r...

    As with any other country, each region or province has its own capital city. Here is a list of the capital cities of each province in China.

    OK think you know your Provinces now? How about we put you to the test? 20 quick fire questions about the Provinces of China… how will you fare? Results are instant, feel free to share your scores belowalso!

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  3. The names of the provinces that the Eastern (Later) Han created were Bing, Ji, Jiao, Jing, Liang (at first Yong, later changed to Liang), Qing, Si (the Sili Xiaowei Department), Xu, Yan, Yang, Yi, You and Yu. The capital, Luoyang, was in the Si province, as was the former capital, Chang An . Sui provinces [ edit] Sui provinces, ca. 610

  4. Can you name the Provinces of China? ... Random Geography or Province Quiz ... Map. Best Score? Go Orange.

  5. Jan 15, 2012 · List the provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and special administrative regions in China

  6. Oct 28, 2018 · That's a pessimistic view, and only if most non-Chinese have such an attitude, will they become our overlords. China is a superpower with growing strength, but so is India, which will eventually have a higher population and nominal GDP than China. China won't rule over the USA and Europe, just like the USA doesn't rule over Latin America today.