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  1. Immunizations and Religion | Vanderbilt Faculty & Staff ...

    Dutch Reformed Congregations - This denomination has a tradition of declining immunizations. Some members decline vaccination on the basis that it interferes with divine providence. However, others within the faith accept immunization as a gift from God to be used with gratitude. Faith healing denominations including: Faith Tabernacle

  2. Faith Tabernacle Church in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania - Local

    Faith Tabernacle Church. Presbyterian/Reformed 1410 Good Hope Rd, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 17050 ... Are you an owner of Faith Tabernacle Church?

  3. Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church | Faith Tabernacle Baptist ...

    Places Directory Results for Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church – Faith Tabernacle Baptist Church. ... Faith Tabernacle - Full Gospel Church of God, Bellville.

  4. FAITH TABERNACLE - Church Angel

    FAITH TABERNACLE is located at 529 SUNRISE HIGHWAY in the city of West Babylon. West Babylon is located in the beautiful state of New York. According to our database, there are approximately 13 churches in West Babylon, with 2 Catholic churches, 2 Baptist churches, 0 Pentecostal churches, 0 Methodist churches, and 9 other denomination churches.

    • 529 SUNRISE HIGHWAY, West Babylon, 11704, New York
    • (631) 661-1833
  5. More Parents Religious Exemptions for Vaccinations Personal

    Some smaller Christian denominations do have documented opposition to vaccines, including the Church of Christ the Scientist, Endtime Ministries, and Faith Tabernacle, who the government ordered ...

    • Brian Krans
  6. Faith Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church - Pentecostal ...

    Faith Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church is a Pentecostal (UPCI) church in Canton, IL ... Fairview Reformed Church. ... Faith Tabernacle UPC of Canton.

  7. Promise Keepers: What Should Be Our Response?

    By that fellowship, he turns his back on the whole history of the Reformed faith in its struggle to maintain the Reformed distinctives. How can this be! That a Reformed minister can declare that after having attended a PK conference he found nothing that is anti-Reformed, is not an indication of how good a movement PK is, but rather of how bad ...

  8. Are There Religious Exemptions to Vaccines?
    • Recent Outbreaks in Religious Communities
    • Religious Exemptions to Vaccines
    • Religious Exemptions vs. Vaccine Safety Fears
    • What You Need to Know About Religion and Vaccines

    Several recent outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseaseshave ravaged religious communities in North America. Outbreaks in previous years include: 1. At least 158 cases of measles in Quebec2 in an outbreak that originally started when unvaccinated members of an anti-vaccine eugenics community group took a trip to Disneyland3 2. Nearly 400 cases of measles in British Columbia that has been linked to a religious group4 called the Netherlands Reformed Congregation 3. At least 16 people in Texas with measles who are linked to Eagle Mountain International Church,5 described as "anti-vaccine" and "vaccine-refusing" and which is a part of Kenneth Copeland Ministries 4. Over 500 people, mostly connected to Orthodox Jewish communities in Borough Park and Williamsburg, Brooklyn developed measles—the largest outbreak in the United States since the endemic spread of measles was eliminated6 5. At least 21 people in North Carolina with measles who are linked to Prabhupada Village,7 a Hare Kr...

    Although some people in religious groups cluster and refuse vaccination, they are often actually claiming personal-belief exemptions and not true religious exemptions. Except in Mississippi and West Virginia, members of these churches and other people who have religious beliefs against immunizations can be exempted from school immunization requirements. Although there are few religions with an absolute objection to vaccines, there are many more groups within other religions who are opposed to getting their kids and themselves vaccinated, which helps explain some of the outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases outlined above. These other religious groups include: 1. Some Amish 2. Some Dutch Reformed churches 3. Some Muslim fundamentalists There is no absolute objection to vaccines within these faith traditions, though. Even among the Dutch orthodox Protestants, there is a subset who describe vaccines "as a gift from God to be used with gratitude" and vaccination rates in these commu...

    Even though they are clustered in a church or religious group, for many the root cause of their unwillingness to be vaccinated relates to concerns over vaccine safety that drives them to avoid vaccines—and not any real religious doctrine.​ While orthodox Hasidic Jews were at the center of the large measles outbreak in New York, for example, most other orthodox Hasidic Jews in New York are fully vaccinated and some have even participated in trials for the mumps and hepatitis A vaccines. So instead of a true religious exemption, these become more of a personal-belief exemption. This phenomenon isn't rare. In addition to the measles outbreaks described above, there: 1. Was a rubella outbreak in Europe, in which 387 cases of rubella occurred in an unvaccinated religious community in the Netherlands, of which 29 women got rubella while pregnant at least three women had babies with congenital rubella syndrome and one pregnancy ended in intrauterine death 2. Were multiple outbreaks of poli...

    One study of vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks among religious groups found that "while the church was the common link among cases, there was no formal advice regarding vaccination from the church before the outbreak. Instead, vaccine refusal was attributed to a combination of personal religious beliefs and safety concerns among a subgroup of church members."10 Most religions offer no formal advice regarding vaccination. Rather, many religions have clear positions in support of vaccination including: 1. Catholics—While some people still believe that Catholics are opposed to some vaccines, the Catholic Church is clearly pro-vaccine. Even for the vaccines that some parents question, especially those for hepatitis A, rubella, and varicella, which are cultured in cells that were originally derived from aborted fetuses, the Church teaches that "if no safe, effective alternative vaccines exist, it is lawful to use these vaccines if danger to the health of children exists or to the he...

  9. Churches Non-Denominational in Merced, CA,CA/Churches-Non-Denominational

    Find 11 Churches Non-Denominational in Merced, CA. Get contact details, reviews, and more. ... Coarsegold Reformed Fellowship ... New Faith Tabernacle

  10. Reformed Faith Mission, Industry street, Bellville (2021)

    The Reformed Faith Mission Community Church is a community of believers dedicated to following the life, examples, and teachings of Jesus Christ. Operating as usual We look forward to hosting you this Saturday.

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