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  1. Brazilian law, by the Article 1521 of the Civil Code, also extends the invalidity of marriage between parents and children to grandparents and grandchildren or any other sort of ascendant-descendant relationship (both consanguineous and adoptive), parents-in-law and children-in-law even after the divorce of the earlier couple (see affinity), as ...

  2. A public official may not appoint, confirm the appointment of, or vote for the appointment or confirmation of the appointment of an individual to a position that is to be directly or indirectly compensated from public funds or fees of office if: (1) the individual is related to the public official within a degree described by Section 573.002; or

  3. Dec 15, 2011 · 3.3 Taking all possible steps to prevent and resolve any real, apparent or potential conflicts of interest between their official responsibilities and their private affairs in favour of the public interest. 3.4 Acting in such a way as to maintain their employer’s trust. Stewardship. Public servants shall use resources responsibly by:

  4. [3] The relationship between a lawyer and client is contractual in nature, and the general rules respecting breach of contract and repudiation apply. Except in criminal matters involving non-payment of fees, if a lawyer decides to withdraw as counsel in a proceeding, the court has no jurisdiction to prevent the lawyer from doing so, and the ...

  5. (a) No public officer or employee of an agency shall have or hold any employment or contractual relationship with any business entity or any agency which is subject to the regulation of, or is doing business with, an agency of which he or she is an officer or employee, excluding those organizations and their officers who, when acting in their official capacity, enter into or negotiate a ...

  6. The standards in this Ethics Code will be used to adjudicate complaints brought concerning alleged conduct occurring on or after the effective date. Complaints will be adjudicated on the basis of the version of the Ethics Code that was in effect at the time the conduct occurred. The APA has previously published its Ethics Code as follows:

  7. Standard 3.05 illustrates that an excellent way to protect our clients and promote their welfare is to educate the public about our profession's core values and to inform psychologists about how these values can be implemented in their everyday practice. For the full text of APA's Ethics Code, visit the Ethics page.

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